Introducing Atomic Plugins: open source plugins to rule them all


This is a day we’ve been looking forward to for the last few months. Today we are proud to introduce Atomic Plugins, a new paradigm for creating plugins that work across many platforms and with the same API in several programming languages.

Ludei has been providing great plugins for HTML5 developers for the last couple of years. Our first plugins were implemented in C++ and we exposed the API in JavaScript using a custom bridge. Some time ago we thought to migrate our plugins to cordova, the de-facto standard for accessing native APIs from JavaScript.

One thing we didn’t like about both approaches is that the plugins are tightly coupled with the underlying framework and cannot be used from anywhere else. What happens if a user wants to use an awesome Cordova or Cocoon plugin on other platforms like C++, Unity or pure iOS/Android apps? Simply he can’t because of the tight coupling with Cordova or Cocoon frameworks. We wanted to move plugin development to the next level, provide a universal solution for every developer/ecosystem and we have done it with Atomic Plugins.

Atomic Plugins provide an elegant and minimalist API and are designed with portability in mind from the beginning. Framework dependencies are avoided by design so the plugins can run on any platform and can be integrated with any app framework or game engine.

We have published our first plugins using the Atomic Plugins paradigm. These plugins can be used across many platforms using your favorite language (JavaScript, Objective-C, Java, C++).

  • In-App Purchase API: local and server-side receipt validation, secure consumable and non-consumable purchase tracking, local product cache, single API for different stores and more.
  • Ads API: flexible monetization solution, full support for banners and full screen ads (interstitials), single API for different Ad Providers and more.
  • More plugins and languages are coming soon

The best thing is that we have made the plugins totally open source and free to use. The plugins are already published to the Cordova Plugin Registry, CocoaPods, Maven Central and the source code is available on Github. You can contribute and help to create more awesome plugins.

With these plugins Ludei wants to contribute not only to the HTML5/Cordova plugin ecosystem but also provide plugins for pure iOS, Android and C++ developers. We know that a lot of companies dedicate full-time resources to integrating cross-platform monetization plugins like Ads or IAPs into their HTML5/Native game engine or app. We want to provide a universal solution for everyone with Atomic Plugins.


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  2. avatarbożydar

    We need Atomic Plugins for CocoonJS Cloud Services as soon as possible 🙂

    And we need updated plugin for Construct 2 too

    Thanks 😀

  3. avatarMarta Aguilera

    This is just the first part of a big release. The second one will be in beta soon. It is a new cloud compiler based in cordova. Choosing execution environment will be easier than ever. Apart from that:

    – We’ll provide all the functionality to forget about local compilations. Compile and sign directly in the cloud
    – Use the new atomic plugins at the cloud
    – Edit the config.xml file live from the site
    – Use Canvas+ and Webview+ in your Cordova projects

    And all of this just in the beta. The final release will be way better :), including new features that are still under development ;).


    1. avatarHernan

      “Use Canvas+ and Webview+ in your Cordova projects”
      So we’ll be able to use Cordova plugins in Canvas+ projects? I’d be really interested in that!

      1. avatarMarta Aguilera

        Sorry for the late response. Yes, it will be possible really soon . Working on it right now :).


        1. avatarHernan

          Awesome! I really like the Canvas+ solution you guys made, it’s much smoother and faster than using a webview. But the extensions have always been a little limited. This opens a lot of new doors!

          Any ETA? 😉

  4. avatarbożydar

    dear Marta,

    are you Polish? 🙂

    Anyway: when can we expect beta version of new cloud service? and updated plugin for Construct 2?

    March 2015?
    April 2015?
    May 2015?


  5. avatarMarta Aguilera


    No, I am not Polish. Why do you think I am? (Just curious 🙂 ).
    About the cloud, as soon as it is ready, we will send private invitations. About the plugins, you need the new cloud for using them, so it will happen almost at the same time.


  6. avatarbożydar

    I just thought that “Marta” is typical Polish name, but it seems that it’s quite popular everywhere 🙂

    “About the cloud, as soon as it is ready, we will send private invitations”

    I hope that it will happen as soon as possible because I’m really tired of MoPub performance 🙂

  7. avatarAshraf Hamdi

    What about ads ? can i use admob ads directly or any other ad networks without mopup ?
    and what about Google play services ? leaderboards and achievements ?

    1. avatarMarta Aguilera


      Yes, you can. We are planning to add more networks along time and we will keep on developing the rest of the plugins mentioned. Currently you can use directly Admob or Mopub.


      1. avatarIury macks

        hello how I can use intersticial chartboost in where I put the AppID and AppSignature to conect my project Construct 2??another question!I have to change any script or add any file to my project exported to cordova to integrate my project to chartboost??

  8. avatarvirendra

    loves canvas+ but simply hate all those ads networks, apart from admob, everyone is a headacghe or does not works .

  9. avatarchangsehee

    piaa:mk sehee$ sudo npm install -g cocoonjs
    npm ERR! Darwin 14.4.0
    npm ERR! argv “node” “/usr/local/bin/npm” “install” “-g” “cocoonjs”
    npm ERR! node v0.12.7
    npm ERR! npm v2.12.1
    npm ERR! code ETARGET

    npm ERR! notarget No compatible version found: cocoonjs@’*’
    npm ERR! notarget Valid install targets:
    npm ERR! notarget [“1.0.0-0.1.0″,”1.0.0-0.2.0″,”1.0.0-0.3.0″,”1.0.0-0.4.0″,”1.0.0-0.5.0″,”1.0.0-0.6.0″,”1.0.0-0.6.1″,”1.0.0-0.7.0″,”1.0.0-0.8.0″,”1.0.0-0.9.0”]
    npm ERR! notarget
    npm ERR! notarget This is most likely not a problem with npm itself.
    npm ERR! notarget In most cases you or one of your dependencies are requesting
    npm ERR! notarget a package version that doesn’t exist.

    npm ERR! Please include the following file with any support request:
    npm ERR! /Users/sehee/Documents/workspace/mk/npm-debug.log

  10. avatarVolkan


    Will there be a Construct2 version of these plugins. I have thought these are for Construct2 but seems not I can not install them. I wish you can make a Construct2 version. Thank You.


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