The CocoonJS Launcher App: A simple tutorial

Updated information on the wiki

In order to let all the JavaScript HTML5 developers out there try our CocoonJS technology, we have developed a mobile application that allows you to check how smoothly your game can run on iOS and Android devices without major code changes. Although the application is simple to use (you can check it’s usage in this video), it might be useful to show how it is used and what the minor modifications you have to make in order to make your game run on CocoonJS.

Let’s start by executing the app. After a splash of Ludei’s logo, you will see the main menu.

You have two options in the menu: DEMOS and YOUR APP.


The CocoonJS Launcher app provides a complete list of simple demos that shows the possibilities of CocoonJS. We provide the list and full source code of these demos here. As you will be able to see, CocoonJS does not use any proprietary API-s nor any game engine by default. It is just a technology that accelerates standard JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas based games/apps.

Although some of the demos use our CAAT game engine (an open source project that can be found here), this complex project uses plain JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas, so it runs inside CocoonJS. You can play around with the demos, execute them, check the source code, modify them and retry, etc. Once a demo is selected to be launched, it’s code is downloaded and executed showing how CocoonJS performs.

The list of the demos will be updated from time to time (the demos are downloaded from our servers). We are working on providing new cool demos soon so stay tuned! 😉

Before explaining the YOUR APP option, let’s clarify some important matters.

Providing the real/final experience

One of the first “issues” that users experience when using the CocoonJS Launcher is that once a demo is launched (or once your app is launched), there is no way of getting back to the application menus. Instead, the easiest way of getting back to the CocoonJS Launcher app menu is to kill the application and then to relaunch it. Even though this behavior might seem to be annoying there is a reason for it: We wanted to offer the final user the same technology and experience that will run his/her final application. Once you try CocoonJS using the CocoonJS Launcher app and decided to ship your iOS or Android application using it, we will provide a final application that has nothing to do with the CocoonJS Launcher and it’s menus. You will get a standalone app (two apps to be true, one for iOS and one for Android) that will run as a native application. In native applications the options that you will face are pausing your app or killing it so that is exactly what we offer inside our launcher app too. We didn’t want to tweak the technology to behave differently for the launcher and for your app. Anyway, we understand that this behavior can be a little bit annoying and we will try to solve it somehow in future versions of the CocoonJS Launcher App.

In-app debugging tool

Once a demo or your app is running, the CocoonJS Launcher app provides the possibility of accessing a simple but useful tool for debugging. When it is enabled, you will be able to see the frames per second (FPS) that your game logic is running at. Apart of being a useful information, the FPS text can also be pressed to access the in-app debugging tool that shows a log of all the messages shown by either CocoonJS itself or by the JavaScript code of the application that is running (by using the text logging Console object’s methods: console.log,, console.debug, console.warn, console.error).

Configuration options

The CocoonJS Launcher app provides some customization options by using the configuration button . The options are (please note that these options may vary depending on if you are trying to launch a demo or your application):

  • Enable/Disable the in-app debugging tool: It allows you to specify if the in-app debugging tool will be active or not while executing the demo or app.
  • Specify the position of the access to the in-app debugging tool: It can be useful to specify where the FPS text will be shown so it does not conflict with the application layout and manipulation. There are 4 different options:
    1. Top-Left
    2. Top-Right
    3. Bottom-Left
    4. Bottom-Right.
  • Orientation mode: It specifies the orientation that the application will be set to. There are 3 options:
    1. Portrait
    2. Landscape
    3. Both


This option allows you to specify a ZIP file with your application JavaScript code and assets so CocoonJS can execute it. In order to be able to execute you app you need to register in our cloud based system. The registration does not need many information (mainly an email) and it will allow you to access future services around CocoonJS such as our soon to be released cloud based compilation system and more. The registration provides you with a code that you can enter inside the input field. The application will validate this code and it will allow you to specify the application you want to execute.

The initial form is:

The REGISTER button can be confusing. It redirects you to the registration form where you can obtain the validation code. It will be sent via email to you. All this process can be performed in the mobile device so you can register anywhere and don’t really need to switch to your desktop system.

Once you have your registration code, you can introduce it inside the given text edit field. To make the application to verify the code you must press DONE or “INTRO” in your device on screen keyboard. If the code is incorrect, a red spaceship icon  will appear. If the code is correct, a green spaceship icon  will appear.


Once a correct code is entered and verified, you can introduce a URL where your application should be.

Adapting your code to CocoonJS

We have developed a complete tutorial that explains how we modified the Onslaught Defense game to make it run in CocoonJS. We have also created a wiki that will be updated regularly to list all the features that CocoonJS supports. Although you might find all the information your need in these links, let’s review the most basic steps to modify your code in order to make it work inside CocoonJS:

  1. CocoonJS does not support DOM so no HTML file is needed (there is no problem if you still include it, the current version of CocoonJS does not use it). As the HTML file is not parsed, the Canvas object must be created from JavaScript. To do so, you have multiple options:
    1. Tell the document object to create the Canvas object.

      var canvas = document.createElement("canvas");

    2. Once the object is created, it has to be added to the document, usually by adding it to the document body.


    3. Remember that you can specify the size of the canvas with the width and height properties.

      canvas.width = 1024;
      canvas.height = 768;

  2. The current version of CocoonJS prefers to read all the JavaScript code in just one .js file. If you are using fancy module loader APIs, you can just disable them.
  3. Create a zip file with .js file and all the assets (image files, audio files, etc.). Although the current version of CocoonJS allows remote asset loading, it makes more sense to reference all the resources locally.

And that’s pretty much it. The final .zip file can be uploaded to a web server and the URL to it would be the URL to be entered to the edit text field provided in the CocoonJS Launcher App. We hope it works well for testing your project. If not, please, do not hesitate contacting us using our support web form specifying the “Developers support” area.

200 Comments The CocoonJS Launcher App: A simple tutorial

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  2. avatarFelix

    I have a chinese android tablet with a resolution of 1024×600 but with android 4.0.3 the system have e little less like 1024×470 “not remenber well. The problem is I not see the options button down in the cooconjj launcher app, also the demo with the fish have the backgroun displaced to the left and when fish goes to the right where not background graphics glitches appear.

  3. avatarIker Jamardo

    Hello Felix,

    first of all thank you for trying CocoonJS. Could you please give us the exact model of the tablet or at least a link to where did you purchase it? Fragmentation on android is so big that it’s complicated to keep up but we will try to have a look at it.


  4. avatarSeiji

    Would you have any clue as to why a soundtrack would stop playing after several seconds? The shorter sound clips work fine but the background music keeps stopping at the same place, after a few seconds.

  5. avatarIker Jamardo Zugaza

    Hello Seiji,

    Good question. We are working on a blog post and some tutorials on this. The answer is that our native sound libraries differentiate from a background music (big sound files) and sounds (smaller sound files) but the audio tag/object in HTML5 does not make this differentiation. We have provided a temporal solutions for this while we address a better solution: an extension. Please, mark your sound files to be used as background music with this extension code:

    if (window.ext && window.ext.IDTK_APP)
    ext.IDTK_APP.makeCall(“addForceMusic”, “THE PATH TO YOUR MUSIC FILE”);

    As you can see it safe to include this code in your desktop browser based demo/game because the code won’t execute if the extension is not present (only available when CocoonJS runs your demo/game).


  6. avatarGlen

    It looks like CocoonJS has been updated to parse the HTML file (the examples which include CAAT utilize includes from the HTML file) – im assuming this is in order to allow better management of code into separate files – could you comment on how files are loaded now – is an index file first looked for, what are valid index file extensions what happens if no index exists?

  7. avatarutil

    How can I get a correct ZIP file? If I take a working example, unpack and re-pack it, it stops working. Only black screen and fps counter. No errors. I use WinRar. Tried different zip compression modes, nothing helped. Windows 7, 32 bit.

      1. avatarCG_Wang

        the source code should be zipped in the zip file’s root folder.
        I usually select all the files and folders then right click->add to zip file.

  8. avatarCG_Wang

    Hi CocoonJS teammates, I had a game writing with cocos2d-html5 and now I am trying to make it possible to run as an IOS app.

    I have tried about one week or so to make a simple cocos2d-html5 demo running with CocoonJS—doing a lot of stuff, so I am trying to export my game to IOS with the help with CocoonJS.

    Now what puzzles me is that I cannot fix the bugs well in this process. For example:
    1) Each time I have to zip my game, drag it into IPad, then unzipping it, since my game is big, it takes so much time.
    2) I cannot see the logging information well in cocoonJS, since there are lots of images loading information(about 400+ items), they swaped away the error information most times…
    3) Now, I have to test my game in Chrome then zip it to IPad, but most of the time it is OK in Chrome while only shows nothing in cocoonJS…which drives me crazy.

    So I am asking help here for some better ways of my exporting work, it’s to hard for us developers to export our games in this way, can you give some better solutions or are you working on these? (I think the best way is we can get cocoonJS engine source code, so we can test our game with xcode and simulator first and fix bugs in a better way)

    By the way, since cocoonJS cannot run cocos2d-html5 games, why you add cocos2d-html5 in your website( And I have to say: the spelling is not right – cocos2dx doesnot have a html5 version , it is cocos2d-html5,not cocos2dx-html5.

  9. avatarweb designer

    You could definitely see your enthusiasm within the work you write.

    The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  10. avatarsrikanth chitturi


    I am very comfortable with cocos2d-html5 and I can’t use other game engines CAAT. You have mentioned that cocoonjs supports cocos2d-html5 but I cannot make with work with cocoonJS.

    What are the changes that have to be done to run it. I have tried a simple helloworld of it ,
    *In the index.html there are nothing just a script file

    *In this script file we have some basic setup and load all the source files needed for the game. Where the cocos2d sources are present .,etc . Here at the starting point I have created a canvas element with an id , width and height. .

    * main.js is another which says which scene to run by the director .

    Now I have used cocos2d-html5 minified version or the complete source , everything works fine in a browser
    but what happened to run this in cocoonJS for a helloworld to run?

    How to make my cocos2d-html5 sources to be compatible with cocoonjs.

    Awaiting reply.

  11. avatarJonny Phil

    When i run some line of code below, iOS Cocoon Launcher’s result is correct, device screen become red.
    But xcodeproject from cloud compiler is not correct, device screen become black. This bug make my game can’t release, i spend 1 month to modify it to make it can run on Cocoon Launcher.

    var maincanvas=document.createElement(“canvas”);
    maincanvas.setAttribute(“id”, “main_contain”);
    var canvas = document.createElement(“canvas”);
    canvas.setAttribute(“id”, “sub_contain”);
    canvas.width = 322;
    canvas.height = 240;
    var canvasContext2D = canvas.getContext(“2d”);
    canvasContext2D.fillStyle = “red”;
    canvasContext2D.fillRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height);

  12. avatarshunlll999

    Hello Ludie

    i’m a newbie game developer, I found cocoonJs the last week and i think that great for me to compile my game on cloud but i have some issue
    when i have compiled my game very simple code js file.

    window.onload = function() {

    var canvas = document.createElement(“canvas”);
    canvas.width = 1136;
    canvas.height = 640;

    context = canvas.getContext(‘2d’);


    function make_base()
    base_image = new Image();
    base_image.src = ‘logo.png’;
    context.drawImage(base_image, (canvas.width-170)/2, (canvas.height-200)/2);


    That not appear on cocoonJs luncher
    all files i’m created not inside the folder

    hello world

    i hope you understand my english low level skill 🙂

    1. avatarshunlll999

      Ok, I figured out what the problem is. It turns out I had a folder inside of the root zip file, where all the files were in, but the application is expecting all files and folders to be inside the root of the zip file.

      Moving the files to the root resolved the problem.


      1. avatarIker Jamardo

        Glad you solved the problem. The CocoonJS Launcher App console should have shown an error explaining that maybe the problem was related to zipping the folder, not the content. Did this message helped you solving the issue?

  13. avatarvamsi

    I’m trying to load the Launcher on motorola G ( android 4.4.2) after the initial splash screen logo the application crashes

  14. avatarJust-Developer

    I would like to develop apps for android but I don’t have a real android device yet, so I use virtual machine (android-x86) with AndroVMplayer (for hardware OpenGL ES 2.0 support). I installed cocoonjs launcher on it. But after a splash of Ludei’s logo it just exits. Can I check what went wrong (logs)? Can your app be used in virtualbox (android-x86)?


  15. avatargary

    Hi, I have been unable to use CocoonJS on my andriod mobile properly as I had intended. I have registered and followed all steps to export my game in a .zip file from ‘Construct 2’ to ‘DropBox’ to ‘CocoonJS’ but when I type the URL of the destination of my .zip file to launch my game on CocoonJS. Says ‘unzipping NaN 0/0 and will not load. Help please. Thank you

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