1.4.1 version of CocoonJS

Since we launched the 1.4 version of CocoonJS, We have been working hard. As you know, We already did some fixes, but that’s not all… Today We are announcing new features. So, officially, the 1.4.1 versions of CocoonJS is out.

This is the list of completed tasks:


  • Improvements in sound system
  • Performance improvements
  • Added support for Content-Type=event-stream mode in XHR
  • Fixed problem when loading android projects that have audio for the second time
  • Fixed issue when vibration permission is not activated
  • Fixed other minor issues


  • Improved JavaScriptExtension API
  • Improved screenCaptureAPI
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed problem with width and height css attributes
  • Fixed minor bugs in WebGL


  • Box2D
    • Implemented ApplyTorque, ApplyForce and SetType
    • Implemented Fixture release
    • Implemented Contact filters with callback function
  • Social
    • Updated to Facebook SDK 3.0
    • Improved Facebook Extension management
    • Replaced initial openForPublish for openForRead with no permissions. Now we have a requestPermissions call to request any permission anytime.
    • Added requestUserImageURL functionality for Game Center

    • Added support for getMobileCookie method
    • Fixed: Facebook extension in Android 2.3 does not work by means of the new API
    • Minor bugs fixed
  • Notification
    • Fixed scheduled notifications not being displayed in iOS after the application is closed

Android launcher is published on Google Play (download now) and the iOS version on the App Store (download now). The iOS version comes with 1.4 numer but is compatible with 1.4.1.

Please, keep us updated with your feedback about the current version of CocoonJS sending it to devsupport at ludei dot com if it is a technical issue or support at ludei dot com for other general topics. Thanks!

13 Comments 1.4.1 version of CocoonJS

  1. avatarRobin

    Are you planning to have a proper bug tracker, so that we can see the open issues (to know if others already encountered it and spare writing a bug report), submit new ones, see the version it is fixed in, etc?

  2. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Hi @Robin,

    It is something we’re thinking about. We will work on a better support for users.

  3. avatarkerpob

    Have you got persistence save with localstorage working. It presently does not retain between sessions: I save date with localstorage in my app, I can restore that data while the app is open. Close the app and restart it and the data is gone. This is a big issue for me – is there a work around, or is it due to be fixed soon?

  4. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Hi @Kerpob,

    Please send an email to dev support team with this details:

    – The version of CocoonJS you’re using (1.3, 1.4, other)
    – Your login ID in the cloud compiler
    – Your device model and specific OS version the device has (for example, iOS 6.1.3 or Android 4.1.2)
    – The device log (adb logcat in android devices and XCode’s device log in iOS devices)


  5. avatarPhilRoy

    Whats the status on OUYA controller support? I have my game running great, just doesn’t let Event listeners for keyUp or keyDown work within a compiled app. My game runs perfect from the OUYA browser so I know I’ve got all the correct keys mapped.

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for support! You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to see what you dream up!

  6. avatararnie

    I am in the same position as PhilRoy waiting anxiously for the Ouya Controller support.

    You definitely have the best product on the market currently and if you break the Ouya barrier I believe it will make it that much better.


  7. avatarrdzah

    Super congrats on the ios release!

    A couple issues –
    – iphone3gs, ipad3 have no sound in multichannel or gangnam webgl demos; as an aside to this, can we get an estimate on webaudio support?
    – gangnam crashes on iphone 3gs, runs on ipad but only bottom left ¼ of screen (& no sound)

    FYI, the other webgl demos work on iphone/ipad – yay!

    – webaudio – especially important as a target for 3rd party libs ala webaudiojs/webaudiox.js/voxeljs webaudio support…
    – webrtc – especially datachannels! – again, a target for 3rd party libs like peerjs…
    Phonegap has both of these planned for soon – I know you have them beat…

  8. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia


    The OUYA gamepad is internally being developed, but far from being included as official feature. Thanks for your feedback!

  9. avatarkerpob

    It is working now – I did some experimenting and this is what I have found.

    localStorage[“uniquesavename”]= mystring; //does not persist.

    localStorage.setItem(“uniquesavename”, mystring); //works.

    In addition, I think that there is a capacity issue. I used JSON to save large arrays of objects, while previously I had broken the objects up to individual saves. JSON worked with persistence, while the other way did not.


    for(var i=0;i<arraysize;i++)localStorage.setItem("uniquesavename"+i, myarrayobj[i].thing1); //does not persist.

    localStorage.setItem("uniquesavename", JSON.stringify( myarrayobj)); //works

    And then repopulate with:

    myarrayobj = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("uniquesavename"));

    Sorry for being a pest about this, but the above might help others.

  10. avatarPhilroy

    I’m bummed to hear about the ouya progress. Any chance keyboard events like keydown and keyup will be supported soon for a standard keyboard?


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