CocoonJS 2.0.2 is live!

The new version 2.0.2 of CocoonJS is live! You can read the full changelog here but take a look to the highlights.



  • Fixed the crash on Tegra-based Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.
  • Fixed texture corruption bug that affects Phaser based games using WebGL.
  • Other improvements in audio, DOM node management, camera speed, computeStyle, etc.
  • More


  • Updated the WebView+ to the latest stable Chromium version. Fixes some crashes, improves WebGL support, etc.
  • Other stability bugs fixed.
  • More

CocoonJS Launcher

  • Fixed the support for Android 2.3.
  • Settings are more homogeneous both on iOS and Android and are correctly stored between sessions.
  • Improved URL handling. The final slash is no longer necessary for URLs to a folder (a more browser-like behaviour).
  • The URL history button on Android shows all your URLs.
  • More


  • Added a new native share functionality. CocoonJS.App.share() inside CocoonJS_App.js.
  • The CocoonJS Extension repository now provides branches for previous CocoonJS versions.
  • Fixed several bugs and updated the SDKs in the ad extension for MoPub and AdMob.
  • Fixed bugs on social, notification and multiplayer extensions.
  • More

Download the launcher from App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. The version with 2.0.2 has been submited to Google Play and Amazon and are waiting for review. Enjoy!

CocoonJS 2.0.1.

Good news! The new version of CocoonJS is live! This time the version number is 2.0.1 and it comes with some very important bug fixes and improvements.

Improvements on Canvas+

  • Canvas+ now correctly handles HTML5/Web export from Construct 2. Get more info here.
  • Makes “text/plain;charset=UTF-8” the default content-type
  • Allows XHR responses to be saved to disk a new cocoonSetOutputFile extension
  • Page pageLoaded / pageFailed are correctly called now.
  • Fixed Audio System deadlock when alcOpenDevice fails.
  • Correct font-face CSS style handling in Canvas+. Font file download is now possible. Get more info here.
  • … and more!

Improvements on WebView+

  • Added check to avoid null pointer exceptions when destroying the webview
  • Implemented webView setNetworkAvailable method, which triggers ‘online’ event on the JavaScript side
  • Fixed viewport size problem which happened in some devices
  • Fixed some missing resources bugs

Cloud Compiler

  • Added support for Cordova 3.3 and 3.4.

Check out the full changelog for the CocoonJS 2.0.1 release. Remember your feedback is valuable to us so we can find bugs and determine what other improvements need to be made. Enjoy CocoonJS 2.0.1! 😉

CocoonJS 1.4.7

We have updated CocoonJS to 1.4.7 version. Please, take a look to the change log below and update the launchers on your iOS and Android devices 😉

  • Core
    • XHR improvements.
    • Fixed life cycle issue: app resume when lock screen is disabled in Android.
    • iOS 7 compatibility improvements.
    • Handle back button in the Webview.
    • Geolocation bugfixes.
    • V8 update to version 3.22
    • Accelerometer bugfixes.
    • Implemented onreadystatechange event and readyState property in document.
    • Added the orientation, DeviceMotionEvent and DeviceOrientationEvent properties in window.
  • Audio
    • Memory leaks fixed in audio.
    • Stereo audio fixes.
    • Added x-wav format support in canPlayType.
    • New dispose method for audio objects allows to release the inner audio resource.
  • Render
    • Support added for device independent pixel ratio (this may affect your game, please read more here).
    • Support added for handling screencanvas in WebGL (read more here).
    • Increased shader precision for patterns to avoid the pixelation problems with huge patterns.
    • Fixed bug in WebGL (ignored offset arguments in texSubImage2d).
    • Optimizations.
  • Extensions
    • Box2D
      • Added support for b2Vec2.NegativeSelf, B2DistanceJointDef.Initialize, B2Body.GetMass, B2Body.SetAngularDamping and B2Body.SetBullet methods.
    • Multiplayer
      • Fixed missing parameter in getLocalPlayerID
    • Ads
      • Updated all existing ad networks. (read more here).
      • Support added for Brightroll ad network.
  • Launcher
    • Added support for launching apps in either the WebView or CocoonJS.
    • Added URL history button to choose among the already used URLs.
    • Unified settings in iOS and Android.

CocoonJS 1.4.6

We have updated CocoonJS to 1.4.6 version. Take a look please to the changelog below. Please, send us your feedback! 🙂


  • Fixed memory leaks on apps reload

  • Improved app lifecycle management

  • Improved iOS Font Manager

  • Improved XHR

  • Added additional error-checking to OpenAL audio system

  • Fixed status bar visibility in iOS 7


  • Added version number to the launcher main menu screen


  • Improved JS Context initialization and shutdown behaviour


Multiplayer and Social

  • Added support for Google Play Games

  • Improved Multiplayer API

  • Added missing method to Multiplayer Loopback Implementation

  • Added default implementation for the show achievements method using a Web Dialog

Help center: Info about CocoonJS 1.4.6

CocoonJS 1.4.5

The new version of CocoonJS is ready  (changelog below). Please, send us your feedback about this 1.4.5 version, it helps to find bugs and determine next improvements. Enjoy!

  • Added support for iOS7
  • Dropped support for iOS 4.3


  • Updated to iOS7 SDK
  • Slight performance increase due to migration to C++11
  • Improvements in Core Javascript communication


  • Updated launcher service UI for both iOS and Android
  • New CocoonJS and Ludei logos!


  • Moved the “focus” function to Node instead of having it inside HTMLElement and Canvas


CocoonJS 1.4.4

Just two weeks ago we launched CocoonJS 1.4.3 and today we are back with a new version, CocoonJS 1.4.4. As always, it comes with some bug fixes and improvements. Take a look to the changelog:

  • Support for Ouya compilation.
  • Added gamepad extension (primarily for OUYA and nVidia Shield support).

(More info on this post)


  • Renderer
    • Fixed blend function preservation in WebGL when switching rendering contexts
  • Networking
    • Do not return error if the HTTP return code is between 200 and 300
    • iOS XHR: force NSURLConnection cancel in the finish delegate before releasing it
    • Fixed EventSource reconnection bug
    • EventSource: a client can now be told to stop reconnecting using the HTTP 204 No Content response code.
    • Improved network listener. Use the context instead of the activity and solver the leaked intentReceiver error.
  • Audio
    • Doubled audio buffer size, as it solves streaming audio issues on Samsung devices and nVidia Shield
    • Fixed possible race condition
    • Fixed currentTime positioning which made streaming audio repeat the first few milliseconds of audio
    • Fixed hang when audioSources were stopped by OpenAL
    • Increased time the streaming system is inside mutex to avoid possible race condition
    • Made Ogg decoder print the specific error it gets from the vorbis lib


  • Make navigator.language more standard in iOS & Android. Now we always return the language dialect (ie. en-GB, es-ES, en-US,…)
  • Improved createEvent implementation. Now it supports “Event” type too.
  • Added Event.initEvent
  • Added “focus” function to both HTMLElement and Canvas.
  • Added requestAnimationFrame. CocoonJS was currently only exposing webkitRequestAnimationFrame.
  • Improved way geolocation API works so Construct2 games work alright.


  • Box2D
    • Small performance improvement in Box2D binding
  • Notification
    • Updated Parse library to version 1.2.15
  • In-app purchases
    • Fixed wrong price parsing
    • Fixed mock store service to support purchases verification.

The CocoonJS Lauchers for iOS and Amazon are under review, the Google Play version is live. Enjoy!

We are working on a post to give more details about the OUYA support

UPDATE: Read more information about the OUYA and HTML5 Gamepad API. 😉

CocoonJS 1.4.3

Good news! A new release of CocoonJS, the 1.4.3 version, is live. It comes with different improvements and fixes:



  • New implementation of the audio system


  • EventSource API implementation

  • window addEventListener and removeEventListener are not readonly anymore

  • WebGL: added anythingDrawn flag

  • Websocket implementation improvements for Android

  • Added onerror listener to the Image object

  • LocalStorage performance improvement

  • Fixed a canvas texture reloading bug


  • Changed authentication method in Android version

  • Performance improvements


  • Renderer
    • arcTo implementation
    • Fixed arc rendering bug in screencanvas
    • Fixed screencanvas frame transformations
    • Performance improvements
  • Box2D
    • Implement Revolute Joints and SetFixedRotation
    • Fixed crash caused by ContactFilter being called in a place we didn’t expect it to
  • Social
    • New Facebook API, Abstraction, iOS and CocoonJSExtension Implementations
    • New Social API Facebook implementation
    • New Game Center API implementation
    • Fixed crash in iOS social gaming Facebook
  • Notification
    • Functionality added to the localNotifications
    • Solved crash in sendLocalNotification
  • Camera
    • Fixed crash when device has no camera

The CocoonJS launchers for 1.4.3 versions are coming soon.


1.4.1 version of CocoonJS

Since we launched the 1.4 version of CocoonJS, We have been working hard. As you know, We already did some fixes, but that’s not all… Today We are announcing new features. So, officially, the 1.4.1 versions of CocoonJS is out.

This is the list of completed tasks:


  • Improvements in sound system
  • Performance improvements
  • Added support for Content-Type=event-stream mode in XHR
  • Fixed problem when loading android projects that have audio for the second time
  • Fixed issue when vibration permission is not activated
  • Fixed other minor issues


  • Improved JavaScriptExtension API
  • Improved screenCaptureAPI
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed problem with width and height css attributes
  • Fixed minor bugs in WebGL


  • Box2D
    • Implemented ApplyTorque, ApplyForce and SetType
    • Implemented Fixture release
    • Implemented Contact filters with callback function
  • Social
    • Updated to Facebook SDK 3.0
    • Improved Facebook Extension management
    • Replaced initial openForPublish for openForRead with no permissions. Now we have a requestPermissions call to request any permission anytime.
    • Added requestUserImageURL functionality for Game Center

    • Added support for getMobileCookie method
    • Fixed: Facebook extension in Android 2.3 does not work by means of the new API
    • Minor bugs fixed
  • Notification
    • Fixed scheduled notifications not being displayed in iOS after the application is closed

Android launcher is published on Google Play (download now) and the iOS version on the App Store (download now). The iOS version comes with 1.4 numer but is compatible with 1.4.1.

Please, keep us updated with your feedback about the current version of CocoonJS sending it to devsupport at ludei dot com if it is a technical issue or support at ludei dot com for other general topics. Thanks!


Thank you everyone for your feedback on the latest launcher release, It has been very helpful. In that way, We have resolved the following issues since the release:

– You may have experienced problems executing your application more than once where a black screen would appear. The bug was in the temporary filesystem we used for the decodification of audio files. The second time you open the CocoonJS app, the temporary file system encountered an unknown file system with unexpected files, corrupting the loading process of the framework. This has been fixed.

– Some fonts were not displaying correctly when the acceleration was enabled. This affected the WebGL context (which is still experimental). Some textures were loaded before the context was completely initialized and that resulted in the appearance of noise in those textures. This bug mainly affected CocoonJS users who exported their games from Construct 2. It is also fixed now.

We apologize for any problems you have encountered, and ask you to continue to contact us at as you find bugs. We will keep everyone updated as we continue to resolve issues 🙂

Ludei at MWC: Behind the Scenes Video

The Ludei team has just returned from Barcelona after having taken part in MWC. We had a great time in Spain and wanted to share it with you! 😉

Check out the video below to see clips of our booth and the party we organized with PocketGamer.

You can see all our behind the scenes photos on Facebook and Flickr.