Build Phonegap/Cordova Apps using the WKWebview right now

We recently announced big news in our platform: the possibility to publish standalone apps powered with the iOS 8 new WKWebview. Today, we are glad to announce a new Cordova plugin for publishing Cordova/Phonegap powered with the WKWebView that you can use right in your terminal.


Webview+ for iOS (and Android!)

Our engineering team worked very hard to create the Webview+ for Android (more info on how to use it here), a uniform webview on any Android 4.x device based on all the power of Chromium. We are glad to announce the Webview+ for iOS, a plugin for cordova apps that provides a replacement for the UIWebView that includes the Nitro JS engine based on the WKWebView.

If you are a HTML5 app developer, you probably know that iOS HTML5 capabilities are still lagging far behind. The WKWebView solves most of the common problems of HTML5 on iOS and even increases the features that you can use.


Create a Cordova app using the WebView+

Install the latest version of CocoonJS CLI (this is really important)
[code lang=”bash”]
$ sudo npm install -g cocoonjs

Create a Cordova project and add the Webview+ for ios:
[code lang=”bash”]
$ cocoonjs create MyProject
$ cd MyProject
$ cocoonjs platform add ios
$ cocoonjs plugin add -d

If you already have a Cordova/Phonegap project just run the following command
[code lang=”bash”]
$ cocoonjs plugin add
And now your project is powered with the Webview+. You can test it by running this command:
[code lang=”bash”]
$ cocoonjs emulate
[code lang=”bash”]
$ cocoonjs run

More Info

About HTML5 APIs

12 Comments Build Phonegap/Cordova Apps using the WKWebview right now

  1. avatarTheWyrm

    So does webview+ in Cordova only give benefits to iOS8? or does it also give CJS like performance within Cordova to iOS7?

    Will this plugin just work out of the box with Construct2 exports? or do you need more specialist programming?

    1. avatarCarlos Hernández Gómez

      Hello THEWYRM

      The WKWebview was API introduced in iOS 8, so its only available for that version, if you run the Webview+ on iOs 7 it fallbacks to the UIWebview.

      It should work with Construct 2 or whatever HTML5 framework.

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  3. Pingback: Cordova-Apps mit WKWebview erstellen

  4. avatarmark

    When i try add plugin to an existing phone gap app, it fails with “This plugin should be installed using cordova 4.0.0 or below. Your cordova version is 5.4.1”.

    How does one run it under CLI 4.0 without uninstalling the CLI and installing an older version ?

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