CocoonJS and Construct2’s “Great HTML5 Gaming Performance Test: 2014 edition”

Scirra, the company behind Construct2, a great HTML5 game authoring framework, released “The Great HTML5 Gaming Performance Test: 2014 edition” weeks ago. In this test, they used a Construct2 based game demo and executed it in numerous environments. Surprisingly (and we want to think that by mistake), they did not include CocoonJS’ Canvas+ in the comparison, but to help Scirra provide as much information as possible, and to be fair to the Construct2 developer community that has been actively using CocoonJS, we have used the same demo in almost all of the same devices (and some interesting additional one like an iPad1 with iOS 5!). These are the results:

Device Canvas+ canvas2d Canvas+ webgl Chrome34 webgl Firefox webgl Safari 7 canvas2d Ejecta webgl
Nexus 4 58 60  59 58 N/A N/A
Nexus 7 52 60 59 51 N/A N/A
SGS3 58 59 58 58 N/A N/A
iPad 2 53 55 N/A N/A 46 55
iPad 1 20 35 N/A N/A N/A N/A
iPhone 4S 32 51  N/A N/A 40 51
iPhone 5 60 60 N/A N/A 60 N/A
Kindle 44 58  N/A N/A N/A N/A

As you can see Canvas+ is really efficient for both 2d and webgl contexts in all of the devices that were tested (even on an iPad1!!!).

It is also important to remember that Chrome, Firefox and Safari are not technologies to create native apps for iOS or Android. If someone wants to run a game on a mobile browser, this list gives a good glimps of what to expect, but not all of the final users/players have these browsers and their latest versions installed (specially on Android) and most of these technologies won’t be an option to create native apps for existing mobile markets. Moreover, Safari has Nitro JIT so the comparison is also biased. Bottom line is that CocoonJS is still the only technology that allows webgl native app deployment for both iOS and Android using the same execution environment, with no fragmentation and with an easy one click final deployment.

The good news is that the new CocoonJS release 2.0.1 is soon to be out and with it anyone will be able test these results on his/her own easily by installing the CocoonJS Launcher App for iOS and/or Android. This new version of CocoonJS will execute any Construct2 project exported for the web out of the box, so this perf test will also work just by pointing to the following URL (either typing it or using the provided QRCode for your convenience):


Happy perf-testing! 😉

WebGL on iOS 8 Safari and WebView!

The long wait has ended: we can confirm that webgl is present by default on iOS 8 (and MacOSX) both in Safari and the system webview. We have downloaded and installed iOS 8 beta on an iPad2 and thanks to the CocoonJS Launcher App, that offers access to both the System WebView and to Canvas+, we have been able to confirm that WebGL support is for both mobile Safari and the webview.


The CocoonJS Launcher App using the iOS 8 WebView running a WebGL demo @38FPS.


 The CocoonJS Launcher App on iOS 8 using Canvas+ running a WebGL demo @ 60FPS.

These are the results of WebGL support in both Safari and the system webview in iOS 8 on the same iPad2 (website:

Safari WebView
iOS 8 Safari WebGL support specs iOS 8 WebView WebGL support specs

CocoonJS has been actively supporting WebGL for more than a year now and developers are able to publish native apps/games with WebGL for both iOS 5.0+ and Android 2.3+ TODAY!. Download the CocoonJS Launcher App from iTunesGooglePlay or Amazon and check it out for yourself right now. No need to wait for iOS 8!

This move from Apple is definitively great news for the whole web based game and app development community (and the web in general).

All hail WebGL! 😉

More Featured Games Powered by CocoonJS

We have some more interesting and fun games that are powered by CocoonJS that we want to share with you! Check them out NOW!



This is an infinite runner/3-match puzzle hybrid game where you must try to escape the dungeon and get past the enemies and obstacles as you jump, open chests, open doors, attack and more! Are you up for the challenge?



Lazy Rocket

lazy rocket

This game is somewhat like flappy bird, but with more interaction. Get access to many rocket designs and trails as you dodge obstacles and get the highest score you can!



Captain Hangman

captain hangpan

Accept the pirate’s challenge and find as many words you can. Each letter you guess right will bring you closer to the deck, and every letter you get wrong will bring you closer to the ocean and make you a mouthwatering lunch for the sharks.



Elevate Express

Elevate Express

In this unique game, you must place the elevators and stoppers the best you can to help the rider get to his destination. With the delightful soundtrack, art designs, and tons of enjoy, you are sure to be entertained!



Flappy Math Free 

Flappy math

This is a unique spinoff to the popular game Flappy Bird. Go through the area with the green arrow if the math statement below is correct, and red arrow if it’s incorrect. Practice your math skills while having fun!



Doner Kebab

doner kebab

Cook your way through this game as you run the restaurant, take customer orders, and see how much of the  meal you can create for your client in this arcade-like game.

iOS                    Android/GooglePlay



Enjoy! Have a game or app you want us to feature? Email us at, and you just might be the lucky one!

The Ludei Team

Celebrating a full year of WebGL inside CocoonJS with ThreeJS running on iOS!

WebGL is spreading everywhere and to celebrate this and the fact that it’s been over a year that CocoonJS has provided support for it inside it’s Canvas+ technology for iOS and Android, we have recorded this video of some of the great ThreeJS demos and games running on iOS!

ThreeJS is the most well known and used open source WebGL engine and the de facto standard today to develop web 3D interactive experiences. At Ludei, we strongly believe that WebGL is the future of advanced computer graphics on the web and that is why we have been actively supporting any technology that pushes it forward during the last year. Type in (or use a QRCode) a URL to a WebGL demo and execute using the CocoonJS Launcher App either in Canvas+ or WebView+, both our HTML5 execution environments that support WebGL, and unleash WebGL on your device today!

Featured games powered by CocoonJS


You may or may not know, that we feature games powered by CocoonJS almost every week on Facebook and Twitter. Missed them when they were first posted? No problem ; we’ll have blog posts that compile the games that were featured on our social media channels.

Here are 8 games that will keep you entertained!

Four in a Row (by Ludei) 

kj b

Check out the completely transformed version with Multiplayer, radical new design and Brand new animation and sound effects.

iOS                                  GooglePlay/Android                         Amazon

Facebook                         Web


Run Pixie Run

Run Pixie Run iconRun through the jungle to catch as many items you can. This is a endless runner game full of thrill!




Connect 4

Connect 4 iconChoose between 4 levels, and see if you can connect the 4 cute creatures.




Creative Fox

Creative Fox icon

Play this Mario inspired game on google play. Jump and run across the platforms and see if you can get 3 stars in every level.




Maya Brick Breaker

Maya BrickBreaker icon

Check out the classic brick breaker game mayan style. Make sure the ball doesn’t drop to the end of the bottom of the screen.

iOS                                        Google Play/Android




Electr - it iconOh no! There’s a blackout in the building! Help Vincent figure out how to restore the electricity by solving puzzles




Baddy Catcher

Baddy Catcher iconPlay Baddy Catcher, an adventurous game with 80 levels, where you have to catch him and make sure he doesn’t escape the museum. May your moves beat his!




Please help us spread the love and fun of these games by rating them.

Also, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! If you have a game that you’ve created using CocoonJS, email us at and it may be featured next!

Thank you!

The Ludei Team

The New 4 in a row Game Powered by CocoonJS

Our classic game, 4 in a row which  is powered by CocoonJS, is completely transformed and better than ever.

What’s so great about 4 in a row?

  • Multiplayer -challenge your friends, play with gamers around the world, or against the computer
  • Radical new design that you’re absolutely love
  • Brand new animation and sound effects
  • Available for almost all platforms
  • 4 in a row icon

– iOS

Android/Google Play




The first person to get a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of four counters wins the game! Will you be that number one player?  Try it now on any of the platforms available above.

Four in a row screenshot

CocoonJS 2.0, now ready for HTML5 Apps! Introducing the Phonegap Killer

We have some really incredible news to share with you. Usually, we’d tell you about all the amazing updates that we’ve made to CocoonJS. But, this time it’s different. The new version of CocoonJS, 2.0, is live and it allows users to compile HTML5 apps! Starting today, current Phonegap users have a better and faster alternative! 

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 13.50.38

In order to use it, all you have to do is select the new CocoonJS version in your project when you are ready to compile it inside the DevPortal. Please note that this version is still in beta so we will allow you to still use the previous 1.4.7 version of CocoonJS. 

But, let’s explain a bit more about this new version. With CocoonJS 2.0 you can compile your project in the Canvas+ -our accelerated canvas, the best choice to accelerate your game-, or WebView+ -the Chromium-based WebView able to run DOM-based games and apps-. This is great because you can take advantage of each environment: Canvas+ to accelerate and WebView+ to dodge the fragmentation problems HTML5 app developers have when deploying to mobile using other technologies.

With this new step, it doesn’t matter what kind of HTML5 project you are working on: with Ludei’s CocoonJS you can deploy it cross-platform with no headaches because you don’t need to make code changes. Your app or game will work like a charm on all mobile devices and with the full native advantages. CocoonJS is moving the HTML5 development to the next level: finally, all HTML5 projects are first-class native citizens on mobile.

We’re super excited about this launch and happy to be able to offer our developers many other features:

– New launcher design
– Android remote debugging
– Bug fixes
– And much more… (take a look at the full change log on Help Center)

If you haven’t already, sign up for CocoonJS for FREE.

Bonus: We’ve also entirely transformed our website, so check it out here.

Featured games powered with CocoonJS!

Here’s round 2 of our fun-featured game section, and what better time to showcase some of  the great games powered by CocoonJS, then the week of the Games Developers Conference!

Play these awesome games powered with CocoonJS that were also featured on our Facebook page.

1. Jelly Slice – A fun and simple game. All you have to do is slice the jelly so that each jelly only has one star remaining.

2. Jumping Submarine – Amazing remake of the game Flappy Bird, developed from start to finish by our developers here at Ludei. Cruise your submarine to see how far it can get!

3. Invader Rush – Drive your airplanes to fight against your enemies ; a great shooting game experience for Android.

4. Doraeman Hide & Seek – Play hide and seek with the cartoon Doraemon and try to catch him as he randomly appears and disappears.

That’s all for now! Check back to see what other games we featured. Have a game you developed using CocoonJS and want us to feature it? Email us at, and you could see your game on our Facebook page or on our next blog!

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Why Flappy Bird should have been an HTML5 game

Here at Ludei we do not want to start a new discussion on the virtues and flaws of the (in)famous game Flappy Bird. We think is undeniable that this game has earned a spot on the videogame history. We will leave to the reader and other media to discuss about the game mechanics, enjoyment and frustration that it has fired heated arguments among the community of both players and developers. Just FYI, here are some interesting links about the game (in case you didn’t even heard about it :?), both supporting and demonising it, that we think are worth reading/watching:

The vital and depressing lessons Flappy Bird can teach indie developers (Forbes)

Flappy Bird Creator Pulled Game Because It Was Too Addictive (The Wall Street Journal)

Some awesome Flappy Bird clones and a bot that learns to play the game

Defending the indefensible: Why Flappy Bird is a good game (Video)

The purpose of this post is different. Ludei is actively supporting and promoting HTML5 as a great platform for developing games and apps and Flappy Bird is a great candidate to be developed in HTML5. First of all, we can be quite confident that everyone agrees is a simple to develop casual game. It could be included inside the “endless scroller/runner” type of games category that usually require less game content to be developed as it can be provided programmatically. There are great examples of this kind of games both developed natively and in HTML5 using Ludei’s CocoonJS technology. Here there is a list of some of them:

Headless (iTunes, GooglePlay)

RunPixieRun (Web)

Red Riding Hood Run (iTunes)

R.U.Nuts (iTunes, GooglePlay)

The bottom line is that HTML5 has already proven to be a great option to develop this kind of games. Why?

  1. This games need fast iteration to get the mechanics right and web technologies are great for that. Changing parameters even during the gameplay is as easy as it can get thanks to the interpreted nature of JavaScript.
  2. This game MUST be cross-platform. The game is so simple that is worth to be EVERYWHERE. I do not foresee many ways to monetize this kind of games but with non-intrusive advertisement, so being everywhere is key to maximise possible revenue. And when here at Ludei we talk about being everywhere, means not only iOS and Android, but the ChromeStore, Mozilla Marketplace, FirefoxOS, Tizen, Kik, web based games portals, etc. This kind of cross-platform deployment is only possible today thanks to HTML5 and the web.
  3. In relation to the statement about cross-platform deployment above, as graphics are simple, not much performance is needed, but it is expected. At Ludei we believe a better HTML5 execution is possible and that is what we have been working on for several years now improving iOS and Android performance. Of course, achieving steady 60FPS is our goal that is why our canvas acceleration technology is here to help. Remember, not just acceleration is important but eliminating fragmentation, specially on Android, is also key to achieve success. With CocoonJS a game like this can run steady 60FPS on an Android 2.3 device and that is something that any player would expect at least. But the good thing is that other platforms will also be able to execute the game, like Tizen or FireFoxOS, with not such acceleration but enough power to provide a good user experience. Another win for HTML5.

Well, we think these arguments are enough to realise that HTML5 is a great option for this kind of games (even better than some other stablished platforms like Unity). It will keep your budget under control (don’t need to spend much money on the game, just some time) and you will be able to maximise the reach truly being everywhere.

This is why we think Falppy Bird should have been developed in HTML5 ;).

But do not take our word to believe it. Our amazing developer community has taken this issue into their hands and we have seen a major Flappy Bird Clone deployment using Ludei’s CocoonJS technology. For example, PandaJS, a new and very well developed game engine fully compatible with CocoonJS’ accelerated canvas, has an open source version of a FlappyBird clone that is a great way to better understand how a game like this can be developed easily with the right tools.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.24.02 PM

It has been exciting to see the number of Flappy Bird clone games published with CocoonJS grow day by day and to realise how creative developers can get when cloning this basic idea. We ourselves have developed our own version of the game in just 12 hours of work in total with just a developer and a designer involved. Of course, using our own platform for testing (the CocoonJS Launcher) and to introduce advertisement and share capabilities has helped tremendously to speed up this process by orders of magnitude.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 4.16.08 PM
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (iTunes)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (GooglePlay)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Amazon)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Chrome Store)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Kik)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Web)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Facebook)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Mozilla Marketplace)
Ludei’s Jumping Submarine (Flappy Jam)
Also available for OUYA and Tizen!

Here is a list of some of the FlappyBird-like games published with CocoonJS in the last couple of days (and the list grows everyday!). Enjoy!?

New Announcement: Ludei’s Fun-Featured Segment

Hello fellow gamers, developers,  fans and viewers!

We’ve recently started a new-fun-featured segment. Each week, we’ll be highlighting several games and apps that were developed with the help of Ludei’s CocoonJS technology on our Facebook page. Consequently,  we’ll have a blog post that compiles all the games we featured on on our Facebook page. Don’t want to wait? Like our Facebook page and discover these new games as they are posted!

We want YOU to know about all the amazing projects you can conjure up with HTML5 and the magic of our technology. See the amazing graphics, and variety of features such as push notifications, ads, multi player support and lots more, available for your project!

Don’t take our word for it, play for yourself :

1. Moon Mouse: Help the rat get past hurdles and wily enemies with balloons and his jetpack to make his dream of going to the moon a reality! It’s fun, exciting, and easy!

2. Candy Breaker: Your classic brick-breaker game now with candy! Bounce the piece of candy off the paddle or with power-ups  to remove all the colorful candy in the game!

3. Poise: A challenging game about an alien named Spike whose ship got stuck in the asteroid belt. Help him use the special rescue capsule to get to the ship so that he can safely blast out of the asteroid! 

4. Headless: A game inspired by the true story of Miracle Mike, the chicken that lived without a head for 18 months. Help the poor headless chicken stay alive and see how far he can run! Don’t be a chicken! 

Enjoy these amazing Html5 games that these talented developers have created with the help of Ludei and our CocoonJS technology. Comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Friday and happy gaming!