Welcome to Ludei’s brand new web page and blog. We have been working really hard to bring everything together and launch our new site and image. And what’s best to start with but with a blog post that describes the things we have been working on these last months.

As you might know, Ludei is Ideateca‘s gaming brand. We have been developing games for the web and mobile devices quite successfully during the last year and a half. Our main game, iBasket, has been a huge success and it has been downloaded more than 15 million times. We have worked hard to develop our next titles like VideoPuzzle, an awarded innovative and fun game, or Slide Soccer, that has been downloaded more than one million times in it’s first month after the official launch. Ludei’s other games like Four In a Row or Tic Tac Toe, after getting to the top charts in countries like Germany and Japan, are still played by casual gamers all around the world, and we have versions of them for both iOS and Android. It has been quite a ride to get all these developments done and working. A mixture of programming, great design/art work and product placement, result of an effort from all of our departments in Ludei.

Now, we are working in CocoonJS,  a wrapper that aims to turn JavaScript applications into performance-enhanced native applications (iOS and Android) by providing a huge performance boost by using OpenGL native binding and other features.

In this blog, we will have information about both things. Our technology and our games.

Stay tuned!