CocoonJS 1.4.3

Good news! A new release of CocoonJS, the 1.4.3 version, is live. It comes with different improvements and fixes:



  • New implementation of the audio system


  • EventSource API implementation

  • window addEventListener and removeEventListener are not readonly anymore

  • WebGL: added anythingDrawn flag

  • Websocket implementation improvements for Android

  • Added onerror listener to the Image object

  • LocalStorage performance improvement

  • Fixed a canvas texture reloading bug


  • Changed authentication method in Android version

  • Performance improvements


  • Renderer
    • arcTo implementation
    • Fixed arc rendering bug in screencanvas
    • Fixed screencanvas frame transformations
    • Performance improvements
  • Box2D
    • Implement Revolute Joints and SetFixedRotation
    • Fixed crash caused by ContactFilter being called in a place we didn’t expect it to
  • Social
    • New Facebook API, Abstraction, iOS and CocoonJSExtension Implementations
    • New Social API Facebook implementation
    • New Game Center API implementation
    • Fixed crash in iOS social gaming Facebook
  • Notification
    • Functionality added to the localNotifications
    • Solved crash in sendLocalNotification
  • Camera
    • Fixed crash when device has no camera

The CocoonJS launchers for 1.4.3 versions are coming soon.


32 Comments CocoonJS 1.4.3

  1. avatarMarcel


    Great release! The new Custom Launcher will help a lot!

    But I found a bug… When I use the app to test my project, it works fine, but when I compile and try to test, the sound stops in the beginning and then, the sound doesn’t work anymore

    I hope you understand… English is not my native language…

  2. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Hi Marcel,

    Thanks for the feedback! Please email use with the project name to devsupport at ludei and will take a look.

  3. avatarJason

    Glad there is an update…..

    no Ouya yet? uggg sigh πŸ™ very sad. You have Tizen and other very new platforms. yet Ouya is running on a base android. It has 2 custom Api’s to support. Controller and In App Purchases. yet no support.

    very very sad.

  4. avatarMAndrarK

    Great Stuff, but…

    I gave tried the code from the documentation

    And my Android launcher’s debug says:
    Cannot open the javascript file ‘js/CocoonJSExtensions/CocoonJS_App_ForCocoonJS.js’: The server responded with status 404 (NOT_FOUND)

    Cannot open the javascript file ‘js/CocoonJSExtensions/CocoonJS_App.js’: The server responded with status 404 (NOT_FOUND)

    and so on…

    and the same with jQuery.js, pixi,js or any js file.

  5. avatarIbrahim Jradi

    Hey πŸ™‚
    Thanks ludei for all the good work are you will to implement layout by layout loading on the next release

  6. avatarbobbobek

    Hey Ludei, thanks for your work.

    I’d like to ask, can we hope iOS game performance improvement @ Construct2 please?

    Thanks again…

  7. avatarmathieu

    Hello Ludei, thanks for the update.
    i’m a Construct2 user and i wnated to know when you think that you will implement the layout by layout loading,.

  8. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia


    We’re working on improve the iOS7 support for the next update and yes, the controller will be ready.

    We don’t have nothing about the layout by layout loading at moment, but thanks for the feedback. Some Construct2 users sent us messages about it so will consider.


  9. avatarSlaczky

    I have the same problem with sounds as Marvel said. Sounds stops in the beginning and then not working anymore.
    I’m on android with construct2 game.

  10. avatarIvan Korobko

    Hi! I’m a construct 2 user and I have a problem with sounds(music) – they are stops in the beginning…

  11. avatarDani

    This version does not work. Before I was perfect, but now is no more than the home screen. First off the sound and then to the full game. How I can install the previous version? Thank you.

  12. avatarHydar

    I have been getting random game crash/hang with the updated CJS launcher on Android.

    Tested extensively on PC browser (via Construct2) with no problem.

    When on mobile launcher after exporting via CJS from Construct2, my sound effects seem to have high pitch and delay when transitioning to another layout.

  13. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    @Ivan @Hydar

    We’re having problems with the sound but We are working on it. Please send us more info to devsupport email address, thanks!


    No, itΒ΄s not possible. We are working hard to fix it ASAP.
    Thank you for your patience.

  14. avatarFreelance

    How about the splash screen. When can we do away with that. I want to use cocoonjs but I won’t till I can use my own splash screen.


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