CocoonJS 1.4.4

Just two weeks ago we launched CocoonJS 1.4.3 and today we are back with a new version, CocoonJS 1.4.4. As always, it comes with some bug fixes and improvements. Take a look to the changelog:

  • Support for Ouya compilation.
  • Added gamepad extension (primarily for OUYA and nVidia Shield support).

(More info on this post)


  • Renderer
    • Fixed blend function preservation in WebGL when switching rendering contexts
  • Networking
    • Do not return error if the HTTP return code is between 200 and 300
    • iOS XHR: force NSURLConnection cancel in the finish delegate before releasing it
    • Fixed EventSource reconnection bug
    • EventSource: a client can now be told to stop reconnecting using the HTTP 204 No Content response code.
    • Improved network listener. Use the context instead of the activity and solver the leaked intentReceiver error.
  • Audio
    • Doubled audio buffer size, as it solves streaming audio issues on Samsung devices and nVidia Shield
    • Fixed possible race condition
    • Fixed currentTime positioning which made streaming audio repeat the first few milliseconds of audio
    • Fixed hang when audioSources were stopped by OpenAL
    • Increased time the streaming system is inside mutex to avoid possible race condition
    • Made Ogg decoder print the specific error it gets from the vorbis lib


  • Make navigator.language more standard in iOS & Android. Now we always return the language dialect (ie. en-GB, es-ES, en-US,…)
  • Improved createEvent implementation. Now it supports “Event” type too.
  • Added Event.initEvent
  • Added “focus” function to both HTMLElement and Canvas.
  • Added requestAnimationFrame. CocoonJS was currently only exposing webkitRequestAnimationFrame.
  • Improved way geolocation API works so Construct2 games work alright.


  • Box2D
    • Small performance improvement in Box2D binding
  • Notification
    • Updated Parse library to version 1.2.15
  • In-app purchases
    • Fixed wrong price parsing
    • Fixed mock store service to support purchases verification.

The CocoonJS Lauchers for iOS and Amazon are under review, the Google Play version is live. Enjoy!

We are working on a post to give more details about the OUYA support

UPDATE: Read more information about the OUYA and HTML5 Gamepad API. 😉

11 Comments CocoonJS 1.4.4

  1. avatarJason

    Dance a little dream, yes. Finally. happy happy. Ouya support. joy, joy, joy. happy.

    And audio is working nomrally? yes… oh my. I can’t express how excited I am. I need to dance the dance of my people now.

  2. avatarhamu

    Have anyone gotten the OUYA support to work? I currently just get a black screen when launching my game. Do I need to compile the launcher or the project, and do I need to do anything specific before opening the apk on my OUYA?

  3. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Hi @MotoR

    Please send us a link to your project to devsupport at ludei dot com.
    May be something is wrong because the audio should be working on stereo…



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