CocoonJS 1.4.5

The new version of CocoonJS is ready  (changelog below). Please, send us your feedback about this 1.4.5 version, it helps to find bugs and determine next improvements. Enjoy!

  • Added support for iOS7
  • Dropped support for iOS 4.3


  • Updated to iOS7 SDK
  • Slight performance increase due to migration to C++11
  • Improvements in Core Javascript communication


  • Updated launcher service UI for both iOS and Android
  • New CocoonJS and Ludei logos!


  • Moved the “focus” function to Node instead of having it inside HTMLElement and Canvas


12 Comments CocoonJS 1.4.5

  1. avatarJason Jarvis

    Nice update. Support for Google Play Games. Does this mean we can make Multi-player games with CJS?

    Also is the Ouya IAP working yet.
    And is there any memory management yet. I am making a Construct2 game and the game is getting big resource wise. it is likely to get even bigger. Even with reducing the the sprites to a low res for a resolution of 640×480 the total resoruces are going to get larger.

    Scirra made some suggestions. It would be great to get those going soon.

    Finally I’m becoming more impressed with the rate of updates. Please keep this up. Once a month is fantastic 🙂

  2. avatarJason Jarvis

    oh. With the Ouya IAP, Memory management, can we get the Advanced Web Audio Api going some time soon. I’ve been working with the features and wow the audio impact is massive.

  3. avatargabriel

    Hi @Urtzi

    I want congratulation for the great update, and ask how we can take advantage of the new google play features?

    I’m requesting support to use the google play leaderboards and achievement system for a while, and hope it come soon with the plugin integrating it inside C2.

    Thank you!

  4. avatarDavid

    Hi great update!
    I have a problem though, when I use construct2 and the cocoonjs object and use accelerated physics, it works in the launcher but when I use the cloud compiler (tested with iphone 4GS iOS 6.1.3) it show the Logo, then the Ludei splash and then just a black screen!

    I have never had any differences between the launcher and the cloud-compiler result before.

  5. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia


    @Jason Jarvis and @ gabriel – We’re working on a demo and documentation about Google Play Games. It will be ready very soon.

  6. avatarAndrew

    Dealbreaker question:

    Do you have to use cloud compiler?

    I wouldn’t be allowed to upload any of our content due to restrictions.


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