CocoonJS 1.4.6

We have updated CocoonJS to 1.4.6 version. Take a look please to the changelog below. Please, send us your feedback! 🙂


  • Fixed memory leaks on apps reload

  • Improved app lifecycle management

  • Improved iOS Font Manager

  • Improved XHR

  • Added additional error-checking to OpenAL audio system

  • Fixed status bar visibility in iOS 7


  • Added version number to the launcher main menu screen


  • Improved JS Context initialization and shutdown behaviour


Multiplayer and Social

  • Added support for Google Play Games

  • Improved Multiplayer API

  • Added missing method to Multiplayer Loopback Implementation

  • Added default implementation for the show achievements method using a Web Dialog

Help center: Info about CocoonJS 1.4.6

6 Comments CocoonJS 1.4.6

  1. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Hi Slaczky,

    Thanks for the feedback. Please use our help center for technical assistance.

  2. avatarAnthony

    I’m getting the same fault as SLACZKY for everything I’ve compiled on this version.
    Samsung are rejecting my apps because of this.

    Reported the issue a few weeks ago on your help center, but no response from you guys.
    Others are reporting this problem too.

    When is the next compiler version due, and will it fix this fault?


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