CocoonJS 1.4.7

We have updated CocoonJS to 1.4.7 version. Please, take a look to the change log below and update the launchers on your iOS and Android devices 😉

  • Core
    • XHR improvements.
    • Fixed life cycle issue: app resume when lock screen is disabled in Android.
    • iOS 7 compatibility improvements.
    • Handle back button in the Webview.
    • Geolocation bugfixes.
    • V8 update to version 3.22
    • Accelerometer bugfixes.
    • Implemented onreadystatechange event and readyState property in document.
    • Added the orientation, DeviceMotionEvent and DeviceOrientationEvent properties in window.
  • Audio
    • Memory leaks fixed in audio.
    • Stereo audio fixes.
    • Added x-wav format support in canPlayType.
    • New dispose method for audio objects allows to release the inner audio resource.
  • Render
    • Support added for device independent pixel ratio (this may affect your game, please read more here).
    • Support added for handling screencanvas in WebGL (read more here).
    • Increased shader precision for patterns to avoid the pixelation problems with huge patterns.
    • Fixed bug in WebGL (ignored offset arguments in texSubImage2d).
    • Optimizations.
  • Extensions
    • Box2D
      • Added support for b2Vec2.NegativeSelf, B2DistanceJointDef.Initialize, B2Body.GetMass, B2Body.SetAngularDamping and B2Body.SetBullet methods.
    • Multiplayer
      • Fixed missing parameter in getLocalPlayerID
    • Ads
      • Updated all existing ad networks. (read more here).
      • Support added for Brightroll ad network.
  • Launcher
    • Added support for launching apps in either the WebView or CocoonJS.
    • Added URL history button to choose among the already used URLs.
    • Unified settings in iOS and Android.

6 Comments CocoonJS 1.4.7

  1. avatarSlaczky

    Awesome update, but I still have problems with sound after unlocked screen. 🙁
    I have contacted the help center a month ago, but no response…

  2. avatarJohn Bubriski

    Is there a corresponding set of the v1.4.7 JS libs for this release?

    Also, is there any documentation/walkthrough for implementing leaderboards and achievements with Google Play Games? I looked at the sample, but I’m not sure what I need to do to make it work with my game.

  3. avatar95Rochell

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