The latest version of our CocoonJS launcher and cloud compiler is now available in Google Play.

The launcher has many new exciting features and improvements including:

  • WebGL support is now available! Publish your 3D games and apps to iOS and Android devices for the first time!  Click to see our video for more info.
  • Convenient 1-click Publishing to 5 App Stores — bundles generated for: Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Chrome Store, Pokki
  • Improved Configuration Options for the Ludei Cloud Compiler
    • Easily activate/deactivate specific features
    • Configure Extensions using simple forms
  • Updated Third Party SDKs — advertisements, social integration and in-app payments
  • Improved Resources Management
    • Homogenized process for loading assets and better local file loading process
    • Images have a CocoonJS-only function called “dispose” that synchronously frees the video memory of the underlying texture so developers have the finest control over memory management
  • Improved Audio Implementation that supports more HTML5 features
    • Improved webview support allowing you to develop HTML5 web apps while still having all our extensions available to monetize and make your game or app successful
  • And much more!!

We are still pending approval from the Apple App store, so check back daily for the iOS debut of CocoonJS 1.4!

More info in the CocoonJS 1.4 release notes.

14 Comments CocoonJS 1.4 AVAILABLE NOW!

  1. avatarczar

    HI, I have been waiting for this update for ages and unfortunately it is not what I had hoped for. It does not play nice with construct 2 programs. I sent in a bug report over a week ago detailing exactly the texture rending issues that I and many other people are having and yet you release 1.4 without fixing. If you have a look at the construct 2 forum you will see many rendering issues related to your new update.

    Now that you have updated the cloud compiler I cannot compile my existing project using 1.3, I was on the verge of publishing now it is a broken mess, thanks! Please put 1.3 back and sort out the problems first.

    I love cocoon but Ludei’s communication, dealing with users and generally your transparency is pretty poor. You could seriously have a world class product on your hands but lack of communication and working to fix issues has been in my 6 months experience with Ludei shocking, seriously out of 10 I would rate you 3. You never respond to faceboook, forums and email responses tend to take a week.

  2. avatarDavid

    Great! Can you please say more about the improved audio support? Is there a changelist or documentation anywhere?

  3. avatarIker Jamardo


    czar: We are really sorry to read you are experiencing problems with your game. We ask you to be patience and contact us with the bugs you have encountered and will try to solve them as soon as possible. You need to understand that Ludei’s platform is still free for a reason: we are trying to improve it as much as we can and we highly appreciate your feedback.

    David: There is a complete changelog in our wiki:

    John Eric: Although we already have the W3C gamepad API implemented, we haven’t released the OUYA compilation in the cloud yet, sorry.


  4. avatarArnuschky

    Awesome news! Does this new version support dynamic loading and unloading of image resources?

    Where can I get the debug version of the Android launcher? The link in the Wiki gives me still the 1.3 APK.

  5. avatarJason

    Same with the previous poster. The APK seems to be the wrong one. I would like to install this on the Ouya now that the controller is working. Can we please get an updated link 🙂

  6. avatargen4

    No links to 1.4 for iOS. We are waiting for apple aprovements? )
    Please, give us link to 1.4 archive

  7. avatarVIctor Velasco

    Great work!
    However, I’m using construct 2 and now the in-app purchase doesn’t work.
    Any idea?

  8. avatarDaniel

    We are still pending approval from the Apple App store, so check back daily for the iOS debut of CocoonJS 1.4!

    What’s the status on this? I have been checking back daily for a few weeks.

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