CocoonJS 2.0.0 in the media

Our new and improved CocoonJS 2.0 for apps has been a huge success and we’re super thrilled at the positive response. Missed out on reading about CocoonJS 2.0 in the media?

Here’s where we’ve been mentioned in regards to our new CocoonJS for APPS! Check out these articles !

1. App Developer Magazine//New Version of Ludei CocoonJS Provides Alternative  for Developers to Compile HTML5 Apps

2. Venturebeat//Ludei aims to lure HTML5 Developers away from Adobes Phonegap Development Tool

3. Infoworld//Following, Ludei takes a swing at Phonegap too

“Ludei CocoonJS boasts better deployment of HTML5-based mobile applications, with speed and dev tools as selling points”

4.  HTML5 Report//Ludei takes HTML5 Apps into Native

“Performance in HTML5 is no longer a problem for developers. Ludei’s proprietary acceleration technology enables HTML5 apps and games to run at 60 frames per second on every mobile device. Now, finally, HTML5 is ready for cross-platform app development.”

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