CocoonJS 2.0.1.

Good news! The new version of CocoonJS is live! This time the version number is 2.0.1 and it comes with some very important bug fixes and improvements.

Improvements on Canvas+

  • Canvas+ now correctly handles HTML5/Web export from Construct 2. Get more info here.
  • Makes “text/plain;charset=UTF-8” the default content-type
  • Allows XHR responses to be saved to disk a new cocoonSetOutputFile extension
  • Page pageLoaded / pageFailed are correctly called now.
  • Fixed Audio System deadlock when alcOpenDevice fails.
  • Correct font-face CSS style handling in Canvas+. Font file download is now possible. Get more info here.
  • … and more!

Improvements on WebView+

  • Added check to avoid null pointer exceptions when destroying the webview
  • Implemented webView setNetworkAvailable method, which triggers ‘online’ event on the JavaScript side
  • Fixed viewport size problem which happened in some devices
  • Fixed some missing resources bugs

Cloud Compiler

  • Added support for Cordova 3.3 and 3.4.

Check out the full changelog for the CocoonJS 2.0.1 release. Remember your feedback is valuable to us so we can find bugs and determine what other improvements need to be made. Enjoy CocoonJS 2.0.1! 😉

3 Comments CocoonJS 2.0.1.

  1. avatarHuy Phan

    The SIGILL bug isn’t restricted to Samsung Galaxy Tab, it also occurs on Galaxy S2 and some S3 models, its probably related to the CPU they use on different models.

    Users of my new game Star Nomad (compiled with either 1.4.7 or 2.0.1!!):
    Have reported crashing on startup at the Ludei logo on S2 (always) and some S3 models, along with the Galaxy Tab 2/3.

    Hopefully it can be fixed soon. Samsung devices as you all are aware, are the bulk of the Android market.

  2. avatarWill

    Thanks but the IAP do not work anymore.
    Can you please look into this and let us know.
    Thanks, Will.

  3. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia


    We are working to fix it as soon as possible. Anyway, please, report bugs on DevPortal ( next time. Thanks!


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