CocoonJS 2.0.2 is live!

The new version 2.0.2 of CocoonJS is live! You can read the full changelog here but take a look to the highlights.



  • Fixed the crash on Tegra-based Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.
  • Fixed texture corruption bug that affects Phaser based games using WebGL.
  • Other improvements in audio, DOM node management, camera speed, computeStyle, etc.
  • More


  • Updated the WebView+ to the latest stable Chromium version. Fixes some crashes, improves WebGL support, etc.
  • Other stability bugs fixed.
  • More

CocoonJS Launcher

  • Fixed the support for Android 2.3.
  • Settings are more homogeneous both on iOS and Android and are correctly stored between sessions.
  • Improved URL handling. The final slash is no longer necessary for URLs to a folder (a more browser-like behaviour).
  • The URL history button on Android shows all your URLs.
  • More


  • Added a new native share functionality. CocoonJS.App.share() inside CocoonJS_App.js.
  • The CocoonJS Extension repository now provides branches for previous CocoonJS versions.
  • Fixed several bugs and updated the SDKs in the ad extension for MoPub and AdMob.
  • Fixed bugs on social, notification and multiplayer extensions.
  • More

Download the launcher from App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. The version with 2.0.2 has been submited to Google Play and Amazon and are waiting for review. Enjoy!

10 Comments CocoonJS 2.0.2 is live!

  1. avatarMcKack

    Added a “share” call in CocoonJS_App.js to call the native sharing system in iOS and Android

    ^ Hoping this will be added to the Construct 2 plugin asap 🙂

  2. avataroutiejun

    1.4.7 was deprecated! But for those games compiled with 1.4.7 before, they show ads normally. But there’s no ads for the games complied with 2.0.2 at all!! I’m using construct 2.

    1. avatarTheresa

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    3. avatar

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