CocoonJS and Play Construct 2

Good news from Ludei for Scirra community game developers. Thanks to CocoonJS, games developed with Construct 2 can be deployed to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store fast and easy. The game performance is accelerated using OpenGL ES and it can include native app-like monetization channels such as ads and in-app purchases. In the video below we show the Space Blaster game running inside CocoonJS on iOS and Android devices.

Looks good, doesn’t it? 😉

To make it easily compatible with your game there are no major changes that have to be made to the JavaScript code. We have been working close with Scirra and the result is that CocoonJS is able to run Construct2 based games on iOS and Android devices with a huge performance boost. Scirra has just announced their r89 release ( that offers an “Export to CocoonJS” option. It is an early beta still but as you can see in the video, the games work. The performance can still be boosted and we will work hard during the next weeks to get everything working at full speed. As CocoonJS offers HTML5 compatibility, the integration of Construct2 games have been a matter of just supporting some unavailable minor features.

If you are a Play Construct 2 developer, please, get the Android version of the CocoonJS Launcher App for now. You might also want to read this blog post tutorial about how to use the CocoonJS Launcher App. The iOS version of the Launcher, as you have seen in the video, is working but still in pending in review. Anyway, we are working to provide a version of it to any developer (stay tuned!). Do not hesitate contacting us using our web page form (Developers Support area).

17 Comments CocoonJS and Play Construct 2

  1. avatarRafael Vasco

    Amazing. CocoonJS may be the answer for performant games on iOS and Android for us Construct 2 devs. I saw that it’s at 30~50fps range, dropping somewhat with many sprites on screen. I’m very excited and hope we can get at least 50~60 FPS range !

  2. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Glad to hear your excitement about CocoonJS. In the next days we are going to upload a new release of the CocoonJS Launcher App so you will get much better support of many Construct2 features. We deeply appreciate these supporting words and will try to do our best to provide you with the native-like experience you are waiting for! There is still room for performance improvement though. Close collaboration with Scirra will be the best way to get this done!

  3. avatarharrio

    “There is still room for performance improvement though. Close collaboration with Scirra will be the best way to get this done!”

    yeeeeees, this is exactly what every construct 2 user wants to hear.


  4. avatarAndrew Wooldridge

    This is great news! Having a complete IDE->deploy system for HTML5 / Construct 2 developers is a huge deal! Can’t wait to see all the amazing games that come out of this.

  5. avatarprinsukun

    Awesome, I’m exciting from the interesting results from the vid, finally i can use C2 to develop my mobile games without fear from bad performances. 😀

    thanks Ludei and Scirra Team , good luck both of you. 😉

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  6. avatarDavidM

    Really, really looking forward to further advancement with this! CacoonJS really does seem to me to be the very best way to get Construct 2 and generally HTML5 games ported to Android and iOS.


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