CocoonJS Core 2.1.1 Bugfixes release

We have been working during the last weeks on solving some issues that some of you have reported through the forums and we have just pushed them to production. You already have this bugfixes available if you are compiling with CocoonJS Core version 2.1.1 in the cloud. Launcher had also been pushed to AppStore and PlayStore and will be available any time soon.


– Fixed touch status error when the application shows a dialog.

– Audio bug when handling an audio interruption on iOS (notification center, calls, …).

– Fixed depth buffer and stencil buffer creation bug on some Android GPUs.

– Added iPhone 6 Launch images to support full iPhone 6 resolution.

– Fixed error when receiving notification payload when app is not running on iOS.

– Fixed error sending multiple local notifications in Android. Only the last one was received.

– Fixed WebGL method glCompressedTexSubImage2D bug when using compressed textures.

– Fixed bug when loading base64 images in WebGL.

– Fixed Android bug when using “./” in APP_STORAGE references.


We are still working on some other fixes so you can expect another bugfixes release some time soon.

Thanks for sending us bug reports, that is really helpful to keep on improving CocoonJS and make it a better product. If you still have any error that is bugging you, please report us using the bug report template:


Thanks for using CocoonJS!

11 Comments CocoonJS Core 2.1.1 Bugfixes release

  1. avatarsimon

    Hi, thanks for Bugfixes! is the new version of the Mopub library integrated? My landscape ads still flip to portrait!


  2. avatarHasan

    Now v2.2 is out as well!? – No notification!

    @Ludei, where can I find the release notes and features of v2.2 cloud compiler?

  3. avatarStephan Fischer


    i have tried the new version 2.2 of CocoonJS. But i missing the scale setting in the settings menu.

    Before the update i could change the scale mode “aspect to fit” or “aspect to fill” for the games. Same settings are in the online project compiler. But now this feature is totally missing.

    Can you help me, how to scale now the games right?

    Best regards


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