CocoonJS Enables Android Wear HTML5 App Development

Google announced Android Wear this year, a new Android OS version suitable for wearable devices (Google Glass and smartwatches for now). Of course, Ludei right away started to wonder what kind of HTML5 execution capabilities will be available in such interesting devices. A couple of weeks ago, we purchased several Android Wear watches and begin to perform some tests over them. The first thing that we noticed was that at least this initial version of Android Wear does not come with a system WebView. It kind of makes sense as it is a very constrained environment and webviews are very resource demanding. Every attempt to execute a full fetched web environment on Android Wear Smartwatches has shown really low performance. Still, we wanted to see HTML5 running on a Smartwatch and how a good of a fit our highly optimized Canvas+ technology could be for Android wear. Our results were really encouraging as Canvas+ works amazingly well on these devices. Check out the following video that shows some HTML5 canvas apps and games running on Android Wear!

Of course, some minor modifications had to be done both to the technology and our cloud compiler, but we are more than happy to announce that we have enabled a new compilation target inside the CocoonJS Cloud Compilation System so any developer inside our community can test it. As far as we know, CocoonJS is the only technology that allows to deploy hybrid HTML5 applications for Android Wear even supporting WebGL! This is just an initial testing environment that allows you to build Android Wear applications but there are some initial limitations:

  • Do not add ad services. These services use the system webview to show ads and as we mentioned, Android Wear does not have a system webview.
  • Although you will be able to install the resulting APK on your smartwatch, we need to work on ways to better integrate the Android and Android Wear experiences. Please, use this initial builds for testing purposes.

If you want to test it, you need to make sure your app works on our Canvas+ environment. You can test it using the CocoonJS Launcher for iOS on iTunes, GooglePlay or Amazon. Then, just go to the CocoonJS cloud compiler, create or select an existing project, go to “Compile Project” and you should see the new target “Android Wear”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.44.03

Once you select the target, as it happens with any other CocoonJS compilation, a simple APK will be built in our cloud service, similar to the GooglePlay, OUYA or Amazon APKs, and it will be sent to your email account, but this one completely prepared to be executed on a Android Wear device. Connecting to Android Wear devices is similar to any other Android device as you will need to activate the developer options in the device and allow USB debugging. 

Enjoy testing your games and apps on an Android Smartwatch!

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    1. avatarCasarock

      Same problem here. I don’t know how to deploy on emulator. It’s installed at the “host” device and I am using the wear app.

      Can’t find it on wear emulator 🙁

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  2. avatarBalram Pandey


    i want to integrate Ludei’s Canvas+ in android app.
    is there any sdk or library for android to integrate Ludei’s Canvas+ in our app.

  3. avatarOrtega Mexico


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  5. avatarasam


    I have build my application via cocoon but i didnt see android wear compiler!!!!!

    only ios & android phone.

  6. avatarRanvir

    It is innovative blog.We need to work on ways to better integrate the Android and Android Wear experiences. Please, use this initial builds for testing purposes.HTML 5 becoming most popular software.
    Thanks for sharing this..


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