CocoonJS Latest Releases

New versions of some components of CocoonJS are ready. Please, share with us your comments about these releases. Your feedback is important to find bugs and determine next improvements. Enjoy!

Core v2.1

All platforms

  • Implemented custom Keyboard handling so users can enter text directly into the app, without popping up a dialog.
  • Cordova support is now always available for all platforms and environments in CocoonJS.


  • Added the new CocoonJS WebView+ for iOS 8 based on the new WKWebView (Only for 32-bit devices at the moment).
  • Fixed iOS 8 orientation and layout issues.
  • Drop iOS 5 support.
  • Updated the following third-party services
    • FacebookSDK.framework (3.19).
    • Google Play Services (3.0).
  • Fixed bug where reloading with an open websocket made the app crash.
  • Fixed bug where sending a score to GameCenter could cause a crash in poor-quality networks.
  • Fixed bug where after a reload, the system WV was being loaded instead of the WebView+.


  • Added the option to compile Canvas+ projects for Android Wear.
  • Added support for the new ART Java virtual machine.
  • Fixed bug where making a webview call forwarding replaced the HTML body with the returned value in some Android versions.
  • Alert dialogs buttons behavior was not consistent across Android versions. Fixed.
  • Fixed rare case where the webview was being added twice.
  • Fixed negative values as notification ids.
  • Fixed case where webview would remain black after load.


  • Updated the following third-party services
    • Google Play Services (5.0.89)
    • MoPub (3.1.0)
    • AdColony (2.2.4)
    • AdMob (6.12.0)
    • Chartboost (5.0.1)
    • Greystripe (4.3)
    • InMobi (4.5.1)
    • MillenialMedia (5.4.1)
    • Parse (Android: 1.6.0, iOS: 1.4.0)
    • iAd
  • Fixed rare crash when using local notifications.
  • Fixed type cast error showing in the console when sending a push notification.

Canvas+ v2.1

  • Added 8 WebGL extensions:
    • WebGLVertexArrayObjectOES
    • WebGLCompressedTextureS3TC
    • WebGLCompressedTexturePVRTC
    • WebGLTextureFloat
    • WebGLTextureHalfFloat
    • WebGLTextureFloatLinear
    • WebGLTextureHalfFloatLinear
    • WebGLTextureFilterAnisotropic
  • Fixed ambiguity when getting the window.location.port value.
  • Added NPOT texture support for Canvas2D.
  • Added a mechanism to discard seldom-used textures when the app receives a memory warning, to keep Canvas+ working even if the app loads more images than fit in memory.
  • Added a lazy-loading mechanism so images can be loaded on first use instead of when the src attribute is set.
  • Fixed rarely-occurring deadlock when pausing audios.
  • Fixed issue with the audio system not being ended correctly if the audio thread was locked.

WebView+ for Android v2.2.0

  • Updated to Chromium 36.0.1985.143.
  • Fixed unnecessary creation of shell additional instance.
  • Fixed cache mode.

See on github.

Plugins v3.0.4

See on github.

Launcher v2.1

  • New UI for both Android and iOS versions.
  • Added filename/URL search mechanism.
  • Added Favorites panel.
  • The Android Launcher now allows navigation through the whole device file system and loads not only .zip files but entire folders too.
  • Improvements to the debug service usability. Also, new error/warning reporting icons.
  • Restructured settings dialog.
  • More stable architecture. The launcher will keep working even if CocoonJS has a runtime problem.
  • Fixed several problems on Android 2.3.
  • Android launcher now allows canceling the app load process.

CLI v1.0.0-0.5.0

  • CocoonJS serve now has livereload enabled by default.

Known issues:

  • Livereload feature not work in system webviews with no websockets support.

See on github.

10 Comments CocoonJS Latest Releases

  1. avatardarkoverlordofdata

    The update of the Launcher 2.1 was pushed out to me phone. It is totally broken. Demo’s don’t work, my zip’s don’t work. Everything just shows the spinning spiral of death until I kill the app.

    How do I downgrade – this puts me dead in the water.

      1. avatarLucas Miller

        This happens to me too, i need to change the .zip file’s name from “Game Name (1).zip” to “” and it fixes the problem.

  2. avatarYaniv

    The message “Cordova support is now always available for all platforms and environments in CocoonJS” is very cryptic… Does this mean I can upload a cordova project when compiling with canvas+? or does this mean I can use cocoonjs API using cordova application?

  3. avatarJason

    Hello , is their any chance you can help me with the chrome web store new migration demands…the current chrome bundle that your compiler generates doesn’t work on the chrome web store and won’t publish ..I get an error that says legacy packaged apps can’t be published anymore..will their be an update for comparability sake? or should I prepare for my apps to be taken down by google? please help I’ve been a long time supporter

  4. avatarDerik

    Hello, everyone, I’m trying to build my games in hours Ludei, but it gives the following error:

    “Something went wrong during the compilation of your project
    Plugin(s) found in your project
    – org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser
    The command ‘build’ failed.”

    I exported using the option Cordova, send the .zip file to the Ludei site.

    In project information: marked the Cordova option, and filled out the standard fields.

    In compile project: marked Android.
    Run using = System WebView
    Compiler version = 3.5 and 3.6

    No works, does anyone know what’s wrong?

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  6. avatarJerald

    Sir I have a problem when using multi touch on my HTML5 game, the problem is when i used native javascript multi touch, it is not working. I created HTML5 game without framework how to fix that?

    ~CocoonJs User


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