CocoonJS Launcher App Release (2012/06/29)

Ludei has just uploaded a new version of the CocoonJS Launcher App for Android in Google Play. Below is the list of new features added and bugs corrected in this new version:

CocoonJS new features

    • WebView support: This is one of the major improvements in CocoonJS for this release. Until now, CocoonJS has been a JavaScript interpreter that was highly optimized for Canvas rendering. With a native communication with the JavaScript virtual machine, we’re able to accelerate all the rendering primitives from HTML5 using OpenGLES. In this version we add the support for a webview in the sense that you can execute two different JavaScript contexts, one in a webview and another inside CocoonJS while both inter-communicating with each other. With this feature, developers will be able to have full DOM support in the webview to solve those UI related things like menus, on screen controls, showing full web pages, etc. On the other hand, your game can still run inside CocoonJS hardware accelerated environment at full speed while still getting commands from a webview and viceversa.



    • Camera support: Ludei always wants to provide full access to the same feature set in all the platforms that CocoonJS supports. The camera extension has been developed several months ago but Android has always delayed the launch of it because having full support for it in their devices is not an easy task (especially if the APIs change with the launch of new OS versions). But finally, you can access camera capturing from your JavaScript using this CocoonJS extension.



    • True type fonts: CocoonJS now can render text using a true type font file that you can provide inside a folder called “fonts” among your assets.


    • HTML file parser: CocoonJS now can read an HTML file and parse the script tags to either load .js files or evaluate inline javascript code. The convention is to have an “index.html” or “CocoonJS.html” file in the root directory of your zip file to load and parse this HTML file inside the native hardware accelerated environment. If you have a file called “WebView.html”, this file will be loaded and parsed using the webview.


CocoonJS Launcher App new features in Android

    • Execute your zip files from the SD card: This is a very cool feature if you want to show your applications to anyone without having to be connected to your computer or to a server. This CocoonJS Launcher App release does not erase the possibility of accessing your app zip files using an URL but simply allows you with the option to connect your device to your computer so you can upload as many .zip files as you want to the root folder of your SD card and the CocoonJS Launcher App will look for them and present them to you so you can execute them directly.



    • Console log access button: Everytime you execute the demos or your applications, the CocoonJS Launcher App shows the frames per second on the left top corner. What a lot of developers don’t know is that this text can be tapped and gives access to a console where javascript messages and system messages are shown. This text has been changed to a button now so it’s more obvious to the user. We really hope it will help you debug your applications and check what the problems could be.


    • Off-line mode: In this release, once you enter a registration code it will be checked against the server to verify that is valid. This code is securely saved and it will be used the next time without checking the server again so no connection will be needed. Anyway, the launcher allows you to enter a different code that will also be checked against the server. The last valid code will be stored only. This feature in addition to the new feature of executing the zip files you copy to the SD card, allows you to show your creations without having to be connected online.


  • New demos: Because this release includes cool new features, new demos have been added to the demo list to show the webview integration and the camera support. We hope you will like them!

Solved bugs

  • Websockets: There was a internal thread lock that has been solved. Some event callbacks did not receive the correct event parameters.
  • Touch Input: There were some problems with the touch input interface that have been solved in this version.
  • Render improvements: Some rendering problems have been solved, mainly related to composite operations and creating complex paths.
  • Some demo improvements: Some of the demos had some minor issues related to touch input events and sound reproduction that have been solved by modifying the JavaScript code.

39 Comments CocoonJS Launcher App Release (2012/06/29)

  1. avatarIker Jamardo

    Apple is still rejecting it. We are trying our best to solve all the issues they are pointing out.

    A new xarchive will be released along with this Android launcher so you can create you own IPA files.

    Thank you for your interest.


  2. avatarsleeysheepy

    Hi, very excited to this new version, thank you guys!
    Any news on which business model will you use for the cloud compiler? Any chance of adding support for the playbook and wp7+?

  3. avatarIker Jamardo

    We hope to be releasing the cloud compilation system this week (some users are testing it privately). Stay tuned!

    Still working on supporting additional platforms. Hopefully in next releases (along with new cool features).


  4. avatarFelix

    For me not work reset to main ludei logo every time I try to enter in demos or launch app
    I have A chinese Tablet with ICS 4.03 512MB RAM and Mali400 whats are the requirements now?

  5. avatarKuba

    There are some useful features but what still lack for me to use your tech is:
    support for GameCenter/Scoreloop/OpenFeint OR (or even better AND) possibility to create native extensions!

  6. avatarAaron

    When I try to run any of my projects or any of the included demos on Android 2.2 I get a black screen.

    1. Imanol MartínImanol Martín

      What device do you have?. We have tested it in some devices but obviously not in all available Android devices so if you tell us in which device the problem happens we will check it.

  7. avataranh thi

    I’m game developer in Viet Nam, and cocoonjs is great and awesome soft. I try to play my demo using cocoonjs and it’s really work great and smooth, and same with delgado88a, i just want to know when cloud system be ready? and how this work , can i make a apk file, ios when using Cloud system? ( sorry for the question, you may not answer it if it’s make you uncomfortable ) , but Ludei, all of you are awesome .

  8. avatarMatt

    One very important question about CocoonJS… do you ever intend to support WebGL? – That would be amazing.

  9. avatarIker Jamardo

    The Cloud compilation system should be released during this week. Some close developers are using it and after their testing we will be releasing it.

    About WebGL, it is in our roadmap so we hope to tell you more about this in the near future.

  10. avatarMike

    Hi there,

    i can’t install the Launcher to my Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 with Android Version 2.3.6

    Hope you can help me

    I think when it works – it works amazing!

    1. Imanol MartínImanol Martín

      Thanks for the report. We can’t check in all available Android devices so it is very useful for us to have this kind of feedback. We will try in Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 and see what the problem is.

      Thanks for your support.

  11. avatarMarkR

    That’s awesome cloud compiling will be out soon… I can’t wait. I just hope I can afford it. I hope it’s not like Unity where you need $400-$1500 to publish to each platform.

    Maybe instead of a lump sum… could you take a cut of game sales or advertising revenue? That would be the best pricing for web developers looking to do game dev on the side.

  12. avatarIker Jamardo Zugaza

    What I can advance is that the first release of cloud compilation system will be for free. The only “catch” will be:

    a) You will get a splash of “Powered by CocoonJS”.
    b) You won’t be able to use the extensions like ads, IAP, camera, …

    But you can make your game work and you will get the final APK and XARCHIVE so you can upload the final product to the markets charging what you want.

    For other options, you will have to contact us personally.

  13. avatarAndreas

    I have a question related to the WebSocket support: Do you support binary data? CocoonJS does not even run the demos on my old crappy android phone, so I was not able to check if the following code works:

    var sock = new WebSocket(ws://some.websocket.server.url); // additional question here: do you support wss:// ?
    sock.binaryType = “arraybuffer”;
    sock.onopen = function () {
    var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(20);
    var dv = new DataView(buffer);
    dv.setInt8(someOffset, someRandomValue);

    If this is currently not supported: are there any plans to include binaryType = “arraybuffer”, ArrayBuffer(), DataView() in the future?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  14. avatarIker Jamardo Zugaza


    Currently there is no support for binary websockets but it is in our roadmap once we make some internal changes (ArrayBuffer support would be needed). Only string based communications available right now, sorry.


  15. avatarFelix

    I found a fix for my problem “crash cocoonjs launcher” my android device are routed and I change the to in the build.prop and restart the Android
    now work perfect the last update I not sure but the problem is the embededd VM cheking maybe this can
    help a little for other devices

  16. avatarBen

    The Google Play store says the CocoonJS Launcher app isn’t compatible with my Nexus 7, (The Android 4.1 tablet from the Google Play store itself)

    Thought I better mention that in case you didn’t know there’s a compatibility issue.

  17. avatarIker Jamardo Zugaza

    Yes… we just got our Nexus 7 devices and we found the same problem. We are will try to modify that for the next version. In the meantime, you can download the debug APK from this link and follow this tutorial to install it If you do not have the Android SDK installed, you can also copy the APK file to the device and try to open it using a file explorer type of app to install it.

  18. avataranh thi

    Can i use the pixel font ? i saw the custom font don’t have a Pixel art font… I’d like to creat a retro game.

  19. avatarIker Jamardo Zugaza

    The demo shows how to use fonts in general. If you have the right ttf file, yes, you can use it. Just pur the file in a folder called “fonts” and you should be good to go. If you have any problems, please, do not hesitate to contact us using our support form in our website

  20. avatarMark

    Will you guys be adding support for the audio.currentTime property? It’s not listed on the wiki. Looking forward to the iOS version and cloud compilation!

  21. avatarAlex

    I’ve got a black screen too (and a vibration) when i try to open cocoonjs launcher on a Samsung Galaxy S AND FROYO.XXKE1 BUILD. Then it closes.

      1. avatarAlex

        Ok, thanks. No need to apology. I’ll follow this issue because i’m very interested in this tool. Is there any forecast about when this may be solved?. Thanks.

  22. avatarDiogo

    Hello in the newest android update (4.4) it crashes when opening if we are using the Art Runtime instead of Dalvik, can you fix it? Thanks 😉


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