Thank you everyone for your feedback on the latest launcher release, It has been very helpful. In that way, We have resolved the following issues since the release:

– You may have experienced problems executing your application more than once where a black screen would appear. The bug was in the temporary filesystem we used for the decodification of audio files. The second time you open the CocoonJS app, the temporary file system encountered an unknown file system with unexpected files, corrupting the loading process of the framework. This has been fixed.

– Some fonts were not displaying correctly when the acceleration was enabled. This affected the WebGL context (which is still experimental). Some textures were loaded before the context was completely initialized and that resulted in the appearance of noise in those textures. This bug mainly affected CocoonJS users who exported their games from Construct 2. It is also fixed now.

We apologize for any problems you have encountered, and ask you to continue to contact us at as you find bugs. We will keep everyone updated as we continue to resolve issues 🙂


  1. avatarBo Boucher

    Regular user on Family Frud with Friends. Level 42 it that means anything. Now when I try to access the game from the Icon, blinks then goes back to Icon so unable to play. All updated completed per Apple and i paid Apple for the the game, not a free version. I have rebooted but that did not help. Can you help?


  2. avatarJay

    Hi Urtzi,

    I’ve just test our App on the Launcher and a compiled version on a Galaxy S2 Android version 2.3 phone. The App appears to hang at the loading screen.

    Manage to prevent the hang by disabling the audio in the game.
    Is this problem related to the bug you mentioned?
    Any work around or ways to solve it?

    Only happens on our Galaxy S2 device, works fine on Galaxy Nexus.


  3. avatarUrtzi Jaureguibeitia

    Hi @Jay,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have send your question to dev support team and they will contact you. Thanks!

  4. avatarBryan

    Its just recently been brought to my awareness that CocoonJs can deploy to Blackberry 10, am I correct? My second question is if that is true whats the best way to test out the game since there isnt a CocoonJs Launcher app for BB.

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  6. avatarMatt clarke

    Latest cocoonjs as of aug 1st 2013 on iOS has at least halved the frame rate on all my builds exported from construct2 to my ipod4g!?!! They were solid 60fps before and now an unstable 24/27fps. The same builds on android builds seem okay so im confused.


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