HTML5 fails to deliver for mobile games? CocoonJS begs to differ

Last week, Spaceport published a research report about HTML5 performance marks on various kinds of browsers on different platforms (PC,Mac, iOS, Android, etc). With the result of this, a lot of people out there are doubting HTML5 and it’s capabilities for games. One thing is for certain, most mobile browsers(even the ones on high end phones) can’t run HTML5 games very well. Sure, simple HTML5 games like chess and sudoku can be played via HTML5, but anything with animation will bog down the mobile browsers. So games like angry birds or fruit ninja, if developed in HTML5, will probably not run very well. This performance issue is one of the reasons why HTML5 games haven’t taken off yet.

As game developers ourselves, we first noticed this setback almost two years ago and decided to do something about it. Since then, we have built CocoonJS – an HTML5 platform that accelerates, deploys, and monetizes HTML5 games. The result is amazing and below are some key milestones that proves HTML5 games can truly deliver and is ready now, at least with CocoonJS:

– Our own HTML5 game Sumon(
– BioLab disaster(game by Impact.js) playing great on Android (
– Sample Construct 2 game SpaceBlaster (
– Our HTML5 demos (

Other important features include:
– access to non-blocking web sockets
– multichannel sound
– local and remote push notifications
– monetization: In-app purchase, banners, interstitials, etc
– access to device features: camera, GPS, etc.

CocoonJS allows developers to focus on just building the game instead of jumping through many hoops that a HTML5 game developer would go through such as multichannel sound, adding monetization channels,etc. We hope that CocoonJS can help pave the way for HTML5 games.

9 Comments HTML5 fails to deliver for mobile games? CocoonJS begs to differ

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