iOS 8 support added to the CocoonJS Cloud Compiler

After the official iOS8 release on September 17, 2014, we are proud to announce that the iOS 8 support integration is now completed and ready to use in the CocoonJS Cloud compiler for both CocoonJS and Cordova compilations.

iOS8 support is available for all the supported CocoonJS versions at 2.0.1 and all the available Cordova versions. We are removing CocoonJS 2.0.0 support after this update.

Regarding the CocoonJS Launcher, an iOS 8 ready version is under review by Apple and will be available in the AppStore in the next weeks. In the meanwhile, remember that you can still use a Custom CocoonJS Launcher.

So you can start compiling and uploading your apps and games to the Apple AppStore with iOS8 support now!

2 Comments iOS 8 support added to the CocoonJS Cloud Compiler

  1. avatarDerik

    The compiler lets you flaws in background that use repetition x and y [HTML5]. Other compilers like PhoneGap e intel XDK and not have this bug, it comes from previous versions.


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