Let’s meet at GDC!

From  March 5th to March 9th, we are sponsoring the Game Developers Conference(GDC)! GDC is the premier conference for game developers. This event brings together emerging start-ups of the gaming industry to explore business development strategies and best practices.

On monday our CTO, Ibon Tolosana is giving a talk about HTML5 development at the HTML5 Tutorial Day, and we’ll be exhibiting at the Smartphone and Tablet Games Summit on Monday and Tuesday.

Are you a developer and planning on attending GDC?  Visit our booth! We would love to talk with you about our HTML5 game technology(CocoonJs) and show you how it works!

For those of you who can’t come, you can follow us on twitter  for live updates. We are eager to meet you in San Francisco!

7 Comments Let’s meet at GDC!

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