Ludei Attracts 5,000 Developers, Proves HTML5 is Thriving

Ludei Platform Enables High-Performance HTML5 Mobile Game Development

San Francisco – May 29, 2013 – Ludei, the only HTML5 platform that brings native performance
and features to mobile developers, today announced that, just five months after its launch,
more than 5,000 developers have adopted its platform and are publishing games like Lunch
Bug, Bubble Soccer, Rhino Hero and Architect Puzzle Game.

“There’s still skepticism out there about whether HTML5 is ready for game development, but
the developers on the Ludei Platform are proof that its time has come,” said Ludei CEO Eneko
Knorr. “Our developers are publishing high-performance games with full native features
including in-app payments, social and ad networks to every popular mobile and Web
marketplace from a single HTML5 codebase.”

Developers using the Ludei Platform range from some of the biggest names in entertainment to
up-and-coming independent developers. Ludei is helping large, established developers solve
challenging problems, including performance and audio issues and distribution to the major
mobile app stores like iTunes and Google Play, and empowering smaller, independent
developers to expand their audience and earn money with multi-platform distribution and
native payment features.

“Ludei’s platform has completely changed the landscape for HTML5 mobile development,” said
Geoff Blair of Lost Decade Games. “Without it, our games would be stuck running below 15
frames per second, and with nowhere to deploy and monetize them. Now, we can deploy
HTML5 games to the most popular app stores which perform on par with native games and
make us real money.”

Close to 400 games, from rising developers like Goko and major household names, are using
the Ludei Platform. Ludei is the only platform that offers all the tools, API and cloud services
developers need to quickly and easily develop, accelerate and publish fully featured HTML5 games to
every popular mobile and Web marketplace. The company is adding new features regularly, and
announced 3D game development support via the open WebGL standard in March.
The Ludei Platform supports the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon, NOOK®, Tizen,
FirefoxOS, Chrome and Pokki markets.

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About Ludei
Ludei enables developers to quickly and easily create, accelerate and publish HTML5-based
apps and games. Ludei’s cloud-based HTML5 platform powers 400 iOS and Android game titles.
The company’s own popular mobile games including iBasket, Sumon and Slide Soccer have
been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide. Ludei is based in San Francisco.

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