Ludei’s Presence Over the Months

We’ve been busy here at Ludei. With what , you may be wondering? It’s important for us to connect and engage with our customers and other leading experts, plus meet new people! So, we’ve been doing exactly that-making appearances at some of the most important tech events in the Bay Area and spreading our brand. Read more to see where Ludei’s been in the past couple of months!

Casual Connect (San Francisco, CA)                                         

Casual Connect is all about providing a way for industry gurus to engage with each other through the casual gaming space. With our love for games and HTML5 of course, it was imperative that we be there. With over 300 leading industry experts, there were many intriguing lectures. Interested in listening to these lectures from the people that provide us with high quality entertainment? Get them all for free at the Casual Connect website.

Ibon Tolosana, CTO, at our booth at Casual Connect

Ibon Tolosana, CTO, at our booth at Casual Connect

HTML5 Developer Conference (San Francisco, CA: Moscone Center)  

As one of the most emerging popular conferences for developers specializing in cross platform technologies, such as HTML JavaScript and CSS for mobile; we at Ludei, wouldn’t miss it! With free t-shirts, and many live demos representing our technology on a variety of IOS and Android devices, countless developers flocked to our booth. 

Our VP of Engineering, Iker Jamardo, also gave a talk about WebGL: is it a game changer for web based game development? Take a look at this session’s PowerPoint slides here and get a detailed perspective into the world of WebGL!

Samsung Developer Conference (San Francisco, CA: Union Square)

Our CEO, Eneko Knorr, was one of the panelist speakers in a discussion on: Web Tools and Different Approaches to Web Development. It was an insightful panel, as our CEO talked about the multiple uses of gaming and apps and represented a powerful stance on HTML5 as being the epitome of cross platform technology.

GamesBeat 2013 (Redwood City, CA)  

This conference was centered around gaming and gaming alone as companies gathered to share their thoughts and views on what’s really “hot” in the upcoming competitive gaming industry. Our VP of Engineering, Iker Jamardo, was one of the speakers on the panel as well. With HTML5 becoming an emerging technology, it may be the future for both the web and mobile development, as mentioned in this article on VentureBeat. Go HTML5!

Iker Jamardo, VP of Engineering, on the panel at GamesBeat 2013

Iker Jamardo, VP of Engineering, on the panel at GamesBeat 2013

These are just a few of the events we’ve been fortunate to be a part of. The journey doesn’t end here; we’ll be making a presence at many more events just like these!

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