New Announcement: Ludei’s Fun-Featured Segment

Hello fellow gamers, developers,  fans and viewers!

We’ve recently started a new-fun-featured segment. Each week, we’ll be highlighting several games and apps that were developed with the help of Ludei’s CocoonJS technology on our Facebook page. Consequently,  we’ll have a blog post that compiles all the games we featured on on our Facebook page. Don’t want to wait? Like our Facebook page and discover these new games as they are posted!

We want YOU to know about all the amazing projects you can conjure up with HTML5 and the magic of our technology. See the amazing graphics, and variety of features such as push notifications, ads, multi player support and lots more, available for your project!

Don’t take our word for it, play for yourself :

1. Moon Mouse: Help the rat get past hurdles and wily enemies with balloons and his jetpack to make his dream of going to the moon a reality! It’s fun, exciting, and easy!

2. Candy Breaker: Your classic brick-breaker game now with candy! Bounce the piece of candy off the paddle or with power-ups  to remove all the colorful candy in the game!

3. Poise: A challenging game about an alien named Spike whose ship got stuck in the asteroid belt. Help him use the special rescue capsule to get to the ship so that he can safely blast out of the asteroid! 

4. Headless: A game inspired by the true story of Miracle Mike, the chicken that lived without a head for 18 months. Help the poor headless chicken stay alive and see how far he can run! Don’t be a chicken! 

Enjoy these amazing Html5 games that these talented developers have created with the help of Ludei and our CocoonJS technology. Comment and let us know what you think!

Happy Friday and happy gaming!


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