WebGL on iOS 8 Safari and WebView!

The long wait has ended: we can confirm that webgl is present by default on iOS 8 (and MacOSX) both in Safari and the system webview. We have downloaded and installed iOS 8 beta on an iPad2 and thanks to the CocoonJS Launcher App, that offers access to both the System WebView and to Canvas+, we have been able to confirm that WebGL support is for both mobile Safari and the webview.


The CocoonJS Launcher App using the iOS 8 WebView running a WebGL demo @38FPS.


 The CocoonJS Launcher App on iOS 8 using Canvas+ running a WebGL demo @ 60FPS.

These are the results of WebGL support in both Safari and the system webview in iOS 8 on the same iPad2 (website: BrowserLeaks.com)

Safari WebView
iOS 8 Safari WebGL support specs iOS 8 WebView WebGL support specs

CocoonJS has been actively supporting WebGL for more than a year now and developers are able to publish native apps/games with WebGL for both iOS 5.0+ and Android 2.3+ TODAY!. Download the CocoonJS Launcher App from iTunesGooglePlay or Amazon and check it out for yourself right now. No need to wait for iOS 8!

This move from Apple is definitively great news for the whole web based game and app development community (and the web in general).

All hail WebGL! 😉

More Featured Games Powered by CocoonJS

We have some more interesting and fun games that are powered by CocoonJS that we want to share with you! Check them out NOW!



This is an infinite runner/3-match puzzle hybrid game where you must try to escape the dungeon and get past the enemies and obstacles as you jump, open chests, open doors, attack and more! Are you up for the challenge?



Lazy Rocket

lazy rocket

This game is somewhat like flappy bird, but with more interaction. Get access to many rocket designs and trails as you dodge obstacles and get the highest score you can!



Captain Hangman

captain hangpan

Accept the pirate’s challenge and find as many words you can. Each letter you guess right will bring you closer to the deck, and every letter you get wrong will bring you closer to the ocean and make you a mouthwatering lunch for the sharks.



Elevate Express

Elevate Express

In this unique game, you must place the elevators and stoppers the best you can to help the rider get to his destination. With the delightful soundtrack, art designs, and tons of enjoy, you are sure to be entertained!



Flappy Math Free 

Flappy math

This is a unique spinoff to the popular game Flappy Bird. Go through the area with the green arrow if the math statement below is correct, and red arrow if it’s incorrect. Practice your math skills while having fun!



Doner Kebab

doner kebab

Cook your way through this game as you run the restaurant, take customer orders, and see how much of the  meal you can create for your client in this arcade-like game.

iOS                    Android/GooglePlay



Enjoy! Have a game or app you want us to feature? Email us at support@ludei.com, and you just might be the lucky one!

The Ludei Team

Celebrating a full year of WebGL inside CocoonJS with ThreeJS running on iOS!

WebGL is spreading everywhere and to celebrate this and the fact that it’s been over a year that CocoonJS has provided support for it inside it’s Canvas+ technology for iOS and Android, we have recorded this video of some of the great ThreeJS demos and games running on iOS!

ThreeJS is the most well known and used open source WebGL engine and the de facto standard today to develop web 3D interactive experiences. At Ludei, we strongly believe that WebGL is the future of advanced computer graphics on the web and that is why we have been actively supporting any technology that pushes it forward during the last year. Type in (or use a QRCode) a URL to a WebGL demo and execute using the CocoonJS Launcher App either in Canvas+ or WebView+, both our HTML5 execution environments that support WebGL, and unleash WebGL on your device today!

Featured games powered by CocoonJS


You may or may not know, that we feature games powered by CocoonJS almost every week on Facebook and Twitter. Missed them when they were first posted? No problem ; we’ll have blog posts that compile the games that were featured on our social media channels.

Here are 8 games that will keep you entertained!

Four in a Row (by Ludei) 

kj b

Check out the completely transformed version with Multiplayer, radical new design and Brand new animation and sound effects.

iOS                                  GooglePlay/Android                         Amazon

Facebook                         Web


Run Pixie Run

Run Pixie Run iconRun through the jungle to catch as many items you can. This is a endless runner game full of thrill!




Connect 4

Connect 4 iconChoose between 4 levels, and see if you can connect the 4 cute creatures.




Creative Fox

Creative Fox icon

Play this Mario inspired game on google play. Jump and run across the platforms and see if you can get 3 stars in every level.




Maya Brick Breaker

Maya BrickBreaker icon

Check out the classic brick breaker game mayan style. Make sure the ball doesn’t drop to the end of the bottom of the screen.

iOS                                        Google Play/Android




Electr - it iconOh no! There’s a blackout in the building! Help Vincent figure out how to restore the electricity by solving puzzles




Baddy Catcher

Baddy Catcher iconPlay Baddy Catcher, an adventurous game with 80 levels, where you have to catch him and make sure he doesn’t escape the museum. May your moves beat his!




Please help us spread the love and fun of these games by rating them.

Also, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! If you have a game that you’ve created using CocoonJS, email us at info@ludei.com and it may be featured next!

Thank you!

The Ludei Team

CocoonJS Plugin for Construct 2 is here!

We know all you have been waiting for this day. Well that moment is finally here! Today we’re releasing the new CocoonJS Plugin for Construct 2. WOOHOOO!! This new plugin comes with Google Play Games support for leaderboards and achievements, a brand new Construct 2 project (.capx) as an example to test the capabilities of the plugin, bug fixes and better integration of the CocoonJS Extensions.

In addition to the new plugin for Construct 2, we have created a .capx as an example to know how to use the plugin. We receive feedback every week from the Construct 2 community and we love to see those games that are continuously published using the CocoonJS acceleration technology.

About the plugin

Here are all the amazing things you can do with the plugin and the CocoonJS technology:

  • Integrate interstitials ads and banners into your game (monetize it!)

  • Leaderboards and Achievements support for Google Play Games and Game Center

  • Box2D physics acceleration

  • Use WebGL as renderer

  • Keyboard support (Ask the user to write something into the screen keyboard and receive a callback with the text that the user has entered.)

  • In-App purchases

  • … and many more!


The plugin and the installation guide can be grabbed from the official repository https://github.com/ludei/Construct-2-plugin.

One last thing

The plugin is now open source for everyone, so the Construct 2 community can contribute to its development. Apart from that, if you miss some of the features that the CocoonJS Extensions provide, and you think those should be integrated in the plugin, tell us and we’ll do our best to update the plugin with those features!

 Enjoy the new Construct2 plugin!

CocoonJS 2.0.0 in the media

Our new and improved CocoonJS 2.0 for apps has been a huge success and we’re super thrilled at the positive response. Missed out on reading about CocoonJS 2.0 in the media?

Here’s where we’ve been mentioned in regards to our new CocoonJS for APPS! Check out these articles !

1. App Developer Magazine//New Version of Ludei CocoonJS Provides Alternative  for Developers to Compile HTML5 Apps

2. Venturebeat//Ludei aims to lure HTML5 Developers away from Adobes Phonegap Development Tool

3. Infoworld//Following Famo.us, Ludei takes a swing at Phonegap too

“Ludei CocoonJS boasts better deployment of HTML5-based mobile applications, with speed and dev tools as selling points”

4.  HTML5 Report//Ludei takes HTML5 Apps into Native

“Performance in HTML5 is no longer a problem for developers. Ludei’s proprietary acceleration technology enables HTML5 apps and games to run at 60 frames per second on every mobile device. Now, finally, HTML5 is ready for cross-platform app development.”

The New 4 in a row Game Powered by CocoonJS

Our classic game, 4 in a row which  is powered by CocoonJS, is completely transformed and better than ever.

What’s so great about 4 in a row?

  • Multiplayer -challenge your friends, play with gamers around the world, or against the computer
  • Radical new design that you’re absolutely love
  • Brand new animation and sound effects
  • Available for almost all platforms
  • 4 in a row icon

– iOS

Android/Google Play




The first person to get a straight horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of four counters wins the game! Will you be that number one player?  Try it now on any of the platforms available above.

Four in a row screenshot

CocoonJS 2.0, now ready for HTML5 Apps! Introducing the Phonegap Killer

We have some really incredible news to share with you. Usually, we’d tell you about all the amazing updates that we’ve made to CocoonJS. But, this time it’s different. The new version of CocoonJS, 2.0, is live and it allows users to compile HTML5 apps! Starting today, current Phonegap users have a better and faster alternative! 

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 13.50.38

In order to use it, all you have to do is select the new CocoonJS version in your project when you are ready to compile it inside the DevPortal. Please note that this version is still in beta so we will allow you to still use the previous 1.4.7 version of CocoonJS. 

But, let’s explain a bit more about this new version. With CocoonJS 2.0 you can compile your project in the Canvas+ -our accelerated canvas, the best choice to accelerate your game-, or WebView+ -the Chromium-based WebView able to run DOM-based games and apps-. This is great because you can take advantage of each environment: Canvas+ to accelerate and WebView+ to dodge the fragmentation problems HTML5 app developers have when deploying to mobile using other technologies.

With this new step, it doesn’t matter what kind of HTML5 project you are working on: with Ludei’s CocoonJS you can deploy it cross-platform with no headaches because you don’t need to make code changes. Your app or game will work like a charm on all mobile devices and with the full native advantages. CocoonJS is moving the HTML5 development to the next level: finally, all HTML5 projects are first-class native citizens on mobile.

We’re super excited about this launch and happy to be able to offer our developers many other features:

– New launcher design
– Android remote debugging
– Bug fixes
– And much more… (take a look at the full change log on Help Center)

If you haven’t already, sign up for CocoonJS for FREE.

Bonus: We’ve also entirely transformed our website, so check it out here.

CocoonJS Extensions

You know about CocoonJS, but are you familiar with all the extensions? You know you want a premium account, but do you know what a premium CocoonJS user account has to offer? THESE EXTENSIONS are what make a premium account so awesome!

The CocoonJS Extensions are:

1) Ads- You can manage native platform advertising SDKs. For example, include banners, full screen ads, and more with this extension. All the ad networks are supported with MoPub. The 8 ad networks we support are:

1) Admob                       2)Chartboost              3)InMobi              4)iAD

5) Millenial Media       6) AdColony                7) Yume                8) Grey

2) In-App purchases – Read more about in-app purchases on our support page.

3) CocoonJS  & Webview-  There are some features that are not supported in the current version of CocoonJS, for example divs and many DOM elements are not supported. This extension is where CocoonJS allows accessing a full DOM environment via aWebview

Another interesting feature that Ludei has added is that the webview is simulated in a regular browser, so all the code you generate using this mechanism will be compatible with a browser so you don’t have to crate differences when running your game or app in CocoonJS or in a desktop browser. Isn’t that great? 😉

Get more details here.

4) Camera – This extension allows access to the platform specific camera handling.

5) Gamepad- CocoonJS fully supports the W3C gamepad API specification for Android only, at the moment.

In order to test the gamepad API available, you just need the latest CocoonJS launcher for Android. By selecting the option in the CocoonJS cloud compiler options, you can then get the final application that includes the gamepad API.  Specific OUYA export is also available.

6) Notifications- CocoonJS rely on different third party push notifications services and offers a consistent way of using them. At the moment we offer Parse and UrbanAirship notifications services as push notifications enablers.

7) Social – Currently available for Facebook.

Hope that was of some help to you! Enjoy using these extensions for your games!

The Ludei Team

Post Game Developers Conference 2014

Woohoo! Another successful GDC event of the year is over and we enjoyed every moment. With over 24,000 attendees and more than 400 sessions, GDC 2014 was quite a hit ; these were record breaking numbers! Not only was this an all-around successful year for GDC, it was a successful one for Ludei as well.

One of the most amazing and overwhelming responses we received as many attendees flocked to our booth, upon seeing our HTML5 games and WebGL demos, was simply that of “WOW.”  With Ludei being the only cross-platform service to offer 3D, visitors were highly impressed with our CocoonJS technology. They were also amazed at how blazingly fast HTML5 games could be, with performance levels as high as 60 fps. Their positive responses to HTML5 upon visiting our booth had them leaving very hopeful and accepting of HTML5.

Missed our session last Thursday about HTML5 gaming and cross platform development? Here’s what it was all about:

Contrary to popular belief, HTML5 is finally ready for cross-platform game development. We shared best practices for HTML5 game development, case studies and how to overcome seemingly insurmountable issues to make HTML5 games work. With the inclusion of the Canvas element in the HTML5 standard and technologies, like WebG , along with major improvements on JavaScript execution environments, web based games are finally becoming a reality. Additionally we portrayed different options that are available to develop, test, debug, accelerate and publish successful games based on HTML5 in the already existing and established markets. 

Take a look at these pictures from the session:


Stage from the session on HTML5 cross platform deployment.


View from the session









We also participated in the WebGL meet up that was a great way to promote this top-notch technology – it was great to see all the interest in WebGL.

Couldn’t attend the Game Developers Conference, and missed the chance to see Ludei’s booth? Live vicariously through these snaps from the event.

CocoonJS backdrop

View of our booth


Our awesome HTML5 and WebGL demos!

CocoonJS versus PG

CocoonJS versus Phonegap…green checks all the way for CocoonJS!


Zoom in of our CocoonJS backdrop – all the platforms we deploy to.








Our developers working hard and attending to visitors at the booth








Ludei bg

Part of our awesome Ludei backdrop










That’s all for now, we await next year’s Game Developers Conference!

P.S- We know you love us. If you haven’t already, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We appreciate your support! Thank you~

The Ludei Team