Post Game Developers Conference 2014

Woohoo! Another successful GDC event of the year is over and we enjoyed every moment. With over 24,000 attendees and more than 400 sessions, GDC 2014 was quite a hit ; these were record breaking numbers! Not only was this an all-around successful year for GDC, it was a successful one for Ludei as well.

One of the most amazing and overwhelming responses we received as many attendees flocked to our booth, upon seeing our HTML5 games and WebGL demos, was simply that of “WOW.”  With Ludei being the only cross-platform service to offer 3D, visitors were highly impressed with our CocoonJS technology. They were also amazed at how blazingly fast HTML5 games could be, with performance levels as high as 60 fps. Their positive responses to HTML5 upon visiting our booth had them leaving very hopeful and accepting of HTML5.

Missed our session last Thursday about HTML5 gaming and cross platform development? Here’s what it was all about:

Contrary to popular belief, HTML5 is finally ready for cross-platform game development. We shared best practices for HTML5 game development, case studies and how to overcome seemingly insurmountable issues to make HTML5 games work. With the inclusion of the Canvas element in the HTML5 standard and technologies, like WebG , along with major improvements on JavaScript execution environments, web based games are finally becoming a reality. Additionally we portrayed different options that are available to develop, test, debug, accelerate and publish successful games based on HTML5 in the already existing and established markets. 

Take a look at these pictures from the session:


Stage from the session on HTML5 cross platform deployment.


View from the session









We also participated in the WebGL meet up that was a great way to promote this top-notch technology – it was great to see all the interest in WebGL.

Couldn’t attend the Game Developers Conference, and missed the chance to see Ludei’s booth? Live vicariously through these snaps from the event.

CocoonJS backdrop

View of our booth


Our awesome HTML5 and WebGL demos!

CocoonJS versus PG

CocoonJS versus Phonegap…green checks all the way for CocoonJS!


Zoom in of our CocoonJS backdrop – all the platforms we deploy to.








Our developers working hard and attending to visitors at the booth








Ludei bg

Part of our awesome Ludei backdrop










That’s all for now, we await next year’s Game Developers Conference!

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The Ludei Team

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