Reinvention of HTML5 Gaming : Partnership with Goo Technologies

Ludei is now working with Goo Technologies to reinvent HTML5 gaming and bring you the best 3D graphics. Goo technologies is a leading company using HTML5 high-end graphics for games and interactive visualizations on the web ; it is also the creator of the Goo engine.

Why is this so great? Game developers can now create amazing WEBGL games with rich 3D visuals using Goo Technologies’ Goo creator or Goo game engine. Then use Ludei’s technology, CocoonJS, to deploy them everywhere on the web and mobile app stores. It’s the perfect package to launch the games you want, and the games customers enjoy!

They say this partnership will “help bring WebGl games with high-end HTML5 graphics to mobile platforms like iOS and Android.” This is a challenge that we’ve been facing, and the first steps to bridging this gap.

Ludei’s CEO, Eneko Knorr, states “Goo Create, with its web-based platform, ease-of-use, and powerful engine, is an exponential leap forward in terms of making HTML5 and WebGL a truly competitive, cross-platform game development ecosystem.”

Learn more about this partnership, and watch a demo video here!

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year from the Ludei team! We wish you the best, and cheers to a wonderful 2014!

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