WebGL on iOS 8 Safari and WebView!

The long wait has ended: we can confirm that webgl is present by default on iOS 8 (and MacOSX) both in Safari and the system webview. We have downloaded and installed iOS 8 beta on an iPad2 and thanks to the CocoonJS Launcher App, that offers access to both the System WebView and to Canvas+, we have been able to confirm that WebGL support is for both mobile Safari and the webview.


The CocoonJS Launcher App using the iOS 8 WebView running a WebGL demo @38FPS.


 The CocoonJS Launcher App on iOS 8 using Canvas+ running a WebGL demo @ 60FPS.

These are the results of WebGL support in both Safari and the system webview in iOS 8 on the same iPad2 (website: BrowserLeaks.com)

Safari WebView
iOS 8 Safari WebGL support specs iOS 8 WebView WebGL support specs

CocoonJS has been actively supporting WebGL for more than a year now and developers are able to publish native apps/games with WebGL for both iOS 5.0+ and Android 2.3+ TODAY!. Download the CocoonJS Launcher App from iTunesGooglePlay or Amazon and check it out for yourself right now. No need to wait for iOS 8!

This move from Apple is definitively great news for the whole web based game and app development community (and the web in general).

All hail WebGL! 😉

Celebrating a full year of WebGL inside CocoonJS with ThreeJS running on iOS!

WebGL is spreading everywhere and to celebrate this and the fact that it’s been over a year that CocoonJS has provided support for it inside it’s Canvas+ technology for iOS and Android, we have recorded this video of some of the great ThreeJS demos and games running on iOS!

ThreeJS is the most well known and used open source WebGL engine and the de facto standard today to develop web 3D interactive experiences. At Ludei, we strongly believe that WebGL is the future of advanced computer graphics on the web and that is why we have been actively supporting any technology that pushes it forward during the last year. Type in (or use a QRCode) a URL to a WebGL demo and execute using the CocoonJS Launcher App either in Canvas+ or WebView+, both our HTML5 execution environments that support WebGL, and unleash WebGL on your device today!

HTML5 Developers Conference Barcelona

We present you

HTML5 DevUp Barcelona

HTML5 Developers Conference

HTML5 Developers Conference

Now, hardly anyone doubts whether or not HTML5 is the future of web and mobile development. As you all know, at Ludei we are betting on HTML5 for games as well as for applications and websites. This is a space that moves very quickly, which makes it essential to stay up to date on the newest trends and changes in order to capitalize on opportunities as early as possible and to produce cutting edge products.

Last year more than 300 professionals came together at iPhone DevUp, and this year we have changed the main topic of our annual developers event completely to adapt to the shifts in this sector. This time we will focus on the present and future, opportunities and risks, as well as the truths and myths surrounding HTML5.

Top notch international keynote speakers will reveal their experiences and points of view. Furthermore, attendees will have the chance to go deeper in the areas they are most interested in thanks to the practical workshops and seminars that will be held in the afternoon. At night, a pleasant networking cocktail party will give us the opportunity to continue the conversation with other attendees as well as the actual keynote speakers.

Don’t miss the European HTML5 Developers Event, April 27 2012 in Barcelona. Get your tickets NOW at a special early bird discount!

Ludei on VentureBeat!

We are very happy to announce that our HTML5 technology,CocoonJS, has been featured onVentureBeat!

This is awesome news for us since VentureBeat is one of the most well known blogs that focuses on innovative companies and we are very honored!

We’re working hard to offer a world class leading technology for all HTML5 developers and you’ll be able to see it very soon.

venturebeat ludei

As you may have read, Ludei is launching CocoonJS, a new platform to turn the JavaScript HTML5 games into fast applications that take advantage of the graphics hardware in mobile devices.  We’re about to publish CocoonJS launcher that allows you to test your HTML5 canvas game running in an Android or iPhone device.

Hope you’ll like it!  😉