Tips on OpenSource tools to the rescue of Javascript developers

Desktop JavaScript/HTML5 tools like in browser debugging, inspectors, profilers, … are great and thankfully, many of these tools are beginning to be available for mobile. Among these tools, there are some open source projects that we, at Ludei, use from time to time to check our javascript code. In this blog post we’d like to introduce you two different tools that can ease your debugging process of Javascript code.

Weinre: weinre is a remote web inspector. This tool enables you to debug remotely your JS code. The only change you’ve to do in your code is to include a small JS file in your index.html. Using this script, you can connect to your remote site running inside CocoonJS through your web browser. You can find more info on this tools in the following url.

Lighttable: lighttable is a Javascript IDE where the JS code is evaluated as you write it. You can perform REPL on code that is executed inside CocoonJS. In a similar way to weinre, adding a small script to your index.html empowers lighttable to evaluate Javascript code. You’ll be able to see the results of CocoonJS variables and so on inside lighttable. You can find more info on light table at their official site.

Pro tip: Using tools is fine, but if you want to have more verbosity on our CocoonJS console, you can override the following function:

window.onerror = function(a, b, c) {

               alert(“Error: ” + a + ” ” + b + ” ” + c);


Drop us a line about your experiences debugging javascript in CocoonJS in our community site!

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